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The Syria Nightmare
The Syria Nightmare
ISIS Seeks Chemical Weapons “Aggressively”

What we’ve seen so far in Syria is nothing like as bad as things can get.

The Syria Nightmare
Al-Qaeda Victories Spell Crisis for U.S. Policy in Syria

Two key U.S. allies have collapsed and surrendered to the Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate.

The Syria Nightmare
US Arms Some Syrian Rebels—Too Little, Too Late?

As ISIS goes on a rampage in Syria, the US finally moves to arm some moderates. Unfortunately, it’s probably not enough to stop the coming bloodbath – or turn it to our advantage.

The Syria Nightmare
Former Obama Ambassador Blasts Syria Policy Failures

President Obama’s former Ambassador to Syria says he resigned because the Administration’s policy was weak, incoherent, and was increasing the threat of terrorism.

The Syria Nightmare
Armenian Town Attacked by Syrian Rebels

During recent fighting near the Turkish border, the Syrian rebels attacked a town of Armenian Christians. Armenians worldwide are raising an outcry, reminded of the 1915 massacre of Armenians by the Turks.

The Syria Nightmare
Slaughter in the Cities, Ineffectual Mumbling in the White House

It is rare that American diplomacy is conducted this poorly for so long a period of time. President Obama more than anything else needs to get to grips with the reality that his basic strategic choices aren’t working out.

The Syria Nightmare
Rebel Commander Flees Islamists

The top Western-supported rebel commander in Syria has been run out of town by Islamist fighters in the latest setback to US policy in the Syrian civil war. General Salam Idris, the commander of the Free Syrian Army, was forced to flee to Turkey after fighters belonging to the Islamic Front overran his offices and took control of warehouses that stored gear sent by the US to help Idris and his men fight the Assad regime.

The Syria Nightmare
Jihadists Returning To Europe, US Pose Dangerous Threat

Some European and American officials deeply fear that violence in Syria will come home. Dozens and in some cases hundreds of people from European countries like the UK and Denmark have made the trek to the eastern Mediterranean and are fighting in the Syrian civil war. They could bring their new skills, contacts, and a hardened ideology to their countries of origin.

The Syria Nightmare
Obama's Choices Getting Uglier

The President’s national security team begged him to do something about Syria back when the United States still had options. He turned them down flat, and the US and the world now face a problem for which few answers exist—and all of them are ugly.

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As Donald Trump takes the oath, an essay on the historical forces that have shaped this moment by Walter Russell Mead.


Clearly a lot of frustration for the outgoing American President has been stored up in the Russian psyche.

the roots of populism

If the term “intellectual” only encompasses thinkers on the Left, then it is only natural that right-wing populists would turn it into a slur.

Rebuilding America

Paul Ryan will target $40 in private investment for every $1 his caucus approves in infrastructure spending.

Violence in Myanmar

Many of Myanmar’s long-suffering Rohingyas are now turning to internationally funded Islamist insurgents to resist the government.

The Shale Rebound

Texas’s Permian Basin has been called “the crown jewel of the world’s oil and gas industry.”

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