The Syria Nightmare
US Arms Some Syrian Rebels—Too Little, Too Late?
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  • Rick Johnson

    How come the Western media seems fixated on Israel’s defensive actions, when there are 2000 dead in Syria, with routine beheadings of survivors and crucifixions of the dead?

  • Pete

    This is a huge mistake. Sooner or later — if not immediately — these weapons will fall into the wrong hands.

    Why can’t Uncle Sam ever learn. Is he retarded?

  • Breif2

    Just wait a few months and see what largess this administration will bestow on the solitary surviving moderate rebel!

  • Duperray

    750,000 military items “evaporated” somewhere in Afghanistan: No matter, these will equip near-by anti-west forces, in the same ways as US $23billion weaponry program destinated to equip Irak shiite army is now in the hands of sunnite ISIS.
    I approve Pete what you said: US are “retarded”, blinded by their awful arrogance and disdain towards any other country.

  • Arkeygeezer

    I think that the last thing Syria needs is more weapons on the street. We’ll probably give them some anti aircraft missles to shoot down civilian airliners.

  • gabrielsyme

    It is disappointing to see TAI continue to engage in magical thinking about the Syria conflict. Even a swift rebel victory would have left a mess of various militias, Syrian army defectors and Islamist groups scrabbling for power, wealth and influence (like Libya) but in a country with (unlike Libya) significant unpopular minorities. Think of the worst of Libya, mix in the worst of Egypt’s attacks on the Copts, and you have a plausible outcome of an early rebel victory. Obviously, a rebel victory now would be even worse. That said, the only plausible effect of arming the alleged “moderates” now is to weaken the Syrian government in its fight against ISIS. This is the height of irresponsibility, which is to say, entirely expected from the Obama administration.

    There is an enormous amount of eliminationist thinking in the Sunni world about the Shia, do we imagine these “moderates” are immune to such thinking? Even if they were, success means various non-“vetted” groups will be running around Syria with every inclination to vengeance. Rebel victory in Syria would set up the most propitious circumstances for genocide in a generation, and the “smart diplomacy” set at the White House (and even TAI) refuse to acknowledge the extreme risk.

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