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The God Wars
The God Wars
"Filthy French" Muslims Raise Voices Against ISIS

After an ISIS ally in Algeria released a video of the beheading of a French national, French Muslims have gone into high gear in condemning ISIS. This is the best way to dissuade those sympathetic to ISIS and to forestall a backlash against ordinary Muslims.

The God Wars
Muslims Must Condemn ISIS Visibly and Loudly

In the wake of a controversy over a Australian jihadi’s son posing with a severed head, it’s more clear than ever that Muslims communities must loudly and visibly condemn jihadism. If they don’t, tensions between Muslims and other religious groups could grow worse in the West.

The God Wars
Boko Haram Slaughters Hundreds; Nigerian Military May Be Compromised

Boko Haram militants slaughtered hundreds in northern Nigeria this week while disguised as soldiers and preachers, amid reports that members of the military are suspected of abetting the terrorists.

The God Wars
Buddhist Burmese Won't Count Muslim Minority in Census

The UN Population Fund says that Burma is refusing to count the Rohingya, a persecuted Muslim minority, in its new internationally-funded census.

The God Wars
Where Is Our Religious Freedom Ambassador?

Religious strife and persecution is rampant across the globe, and in his speeches President Obama has emphasized the need to stand up for religious freedom. So why is he taking so long to fill a position created for just this purpose.

The God Wars
The God Wars Are Growing

Ethno-religious violence in northern Nigeria and the Central African Republic is getting worse by the day.

The God Wars
UN Warns: Central African Republic Coming Unglued

Sectarian violence in Central African Violence is hitting a new high, prompting UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to admit that “the de facto partition of the Central African Republic is a distinct risk”.

The God Wars
Obama Defends Religious Freedom While Thousands Flee CAR

Don’t look now, but it appears our leadership class is waking up to the problem of rising global religious conflict.

The God Wars
A Six-Year High for Global Religious Hostility

Pew has released a series of new report on global religious freedom, and the results aren’t pretty: religious hostility shot up to a six-year high in 2012. If you’ve been reading the news, you’ll know that religious violence has spiked in the Middle East and in African countries like the Central African Republic. So the increase in countries with high or very high levels of religious tension (20 percent in 2007 to 33 percent today) might not be surprising. But Pew also uncovered some things that may hit closer to home for Westerners.

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Why We Can't Have Nice Things

An expert working on the project cautions the MTA may miss its next deadline.

Higher Ed Shake Up

New low-cost programs are carving out a critical space in the U.S. higher education system.


Hint: it isn’t pretty.

Blue Model Blues

Kicking the can down the road is turning into a hobby for PA lawmakers.

Xi who must be obeyed

The Chinese President’s new status as “core” leader will strengthen his hand, but rifts remain within the Party.

Deal or No Deal

The answer isn’t straightforward, and it’s likely to be decided by our next president.

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