The God Wars
The God Wars Are Growing
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  • Excellent post, but not this line: “to transform the largely Christian country…” The CIA World Factbook pegs Nigeria’s population at 50% Muslim, 40% Christian, and 10% “indigenous beliefs.” These are rough estimates at best, and the 10% animism figure is probably too low, as the Yoruba faith alone has many millions of adherents. But still, it does seem that for Nigeria as a whole, Christianity and Islam are roughly balanced.

  • free_agent

    I’m led to ask, who is financing Boko Haram? You don’t get to be better armed than the local army (even if a third-world petro-kleptocracy) without a significant source of money.

    I’m reminded of a widely-circulated essay in the 1990’s defining the “dangerous edges” as the new paradigm for foreign affairs. That is, that the truly dangerous countries were the ones at the edge between the industrialized and relatively peaceful world and the unindustrialised world. The essay didn’t say it outright, but the countries deep within the unindustrialised world weren’t “dangerous”, not because they were peaceful but because their wars were of no consequence to the industrialized world. A prime example of this is the Second Congo War of 1998-2003, which involved nine nations and 20 armed groups and caused (directly and indirectly) 5 million deaths, but the rich countries had no reason to care.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Why is it that despite the fact that every one of these conflicts has Muslims as one of the two combatants, it gets a generic name like God Wars? Why not name these wars more specifically as the “Muslim Murders”?

    • Agim Zabeli

      Indeed. And notice the part about Christians killing Muslims is blandly labeled “(t)it-for-tat violence”. One wonders who started it, and how long the “tit” went on before the victims got fed up enough to go start some “tat”.

    • El Gringo

      Although this post is specific to Africa, the God Wars are a much larger phenomenon and it is to that phenomenon which Mead is alluding when he uses the title. It’s Muslims killing Christians and Christians killing Muslims in Africa, Muslims killing Muslims in the Middle East, Hindus killing Christians and Muslims in India, Buddhists killing Hindus and Christians in Sri Lanka, and Buddhists killing Muslims in Burma.

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