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Nanny State Madness
Nanny State Madness
UN to UK: No Spanking

In an age of grisly human rights abuses from Syria to North Korea, it’s disconcerting that the UN Human Rights Committee feels that it should devote energy to spanking bans.

Nanny State Madness
Marylanders Investigated for “Free Range Parenting”

Parents are under investigation for letting their two young children walk home from a park by themselves.

Nanny State Madness
A Modest Proposal to Fix Teacher Pensions

The federal government is cracking down on the junk food normally sold in public school vending machines, but they’re leaving vending machines in teacher’s lounges alone. Perhaps we’ve finally stumbled upon a way to solve teacher pensions crisis.

Nanny State Madness
How Government Polices Parenthood

New accounts of parents being punished for leaving their children unattended are rightly drawing ire from observers across the political spectrum. The child welfare bureaucracy has been growing stronger for quite some time, and now has the power to remove children from their families more easily than you might think.

Nanny State Madness
Public Enemy #1: Artisanal Cheese

The FDA is enforcing a law that would ban artisanal cheese aged on wooden boards. The nanny state madness is reaching new heights.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff

America’s peculiar system for choosing presidents may help avoid post-election chaos.

Third Debate Recap

Trump shortchanges his supposed signature issue to defend man-crush on Putin.

Frozen Ukraine

The latest round of peace talks only mask Europe’s lack of leverage and commitment in Ukraine.

Asia's Game of Thrones

The Philippine president has now definitively cast his lot with China. How will elites in Manila react?

Follow the Money

Why hasn’t the increase in K-12 investment translated into better student outcomes?

Crude Economics

US oil companies are in much better shape than the cartel seems to think.

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