Nanny State Madness
How Government Polices Parenthood
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  • rheddles

    Perhaps the Elite have been reading Emmanuel Todd.

  • FriendlyGoat

    This, along with cost of raising children, is another reason I believe men who are not relatively well-to-do should get vasectomies early on. Society is unlikely to roll back the functions of CPS, and raising kids carefully and well is simply HARD to manage with jobs that produce adequate income.

    The strain on those at the lower end of the wealth divide is a rather permanent feature of American society. It is not a reason to abandon standards we expect of parents. It is a reason for many, many people to have fewer children.

  • lhfry

    “….an ideology that de-prioritizes family ties and devalues parental judgment, ….” Marx and Engels advocated that raising children be done by the state. Their reason, among others, was that this would free men and women from the consequences of sexual freedom. Today, birth control and abortion obviate this need, but the other reasons persist. Intact heterosexual families and the kinship structure they naturally form are the best defense against an overambitious state. For decades, the left has worked diligently to undermine such families by changing the definition of “family” to include virtually any group of people who choose to live together and today redefining marriage to include legalizing virtually any relationship as a marriage. Increasing the power of agencies like CPS fits right in.

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