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Hutu-Tutsi Conflict
Hutu-Tutsi Conflict
Burundi Violence Flows into Rwanda

Alas, for the victims of the violence and for the stability of Africa, a certain political correctness seems to have descended at least on parts of the continent.

Hutu-Tutsi Conflict
Burundi Gets Uglier

While everyone has tried to downplay or avoid the ethnic dimension, things have continued to get worse.

Hutu-Tutsi Conflict
More Reports of Ethnic Conflict In Burundi

International NGOs have been reticent to raise the possibility of genocide, war crimes, or crimes against humanity. Why?

Hutu-Tutsi Conflict
Political Correctness Collides with Reality in Burundi

After weeks and weeks of being told that the violence in Burundi wasn’t tribal, we’re now hearing a different story.

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Middle East Aflame

General Mattis wants an early chance to roll back Iranian gains in the region, and despite the risks, Yemen seems like a tempting place to start.

Development in Africa

Events in Ivory Coast remind us that rising expectations produce more revolutions than poverty.


Shocker! Who could have imagined?

Security of Supply

Not much, it turns out.

fighting the future

Some creative Italians have found a way to beat their country’s job-destroying Euro woes—and the powers that be have immediately organized to crush it.

the Supremes

A nuclear response would be necessary to save the Supreme Court as an institution.

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