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Hutu-Tutsi Conflict
Burundi Gets Uglier

The situation in Burundi has been getting uglier, the NYT reports—and the paper is openly talking about the ethnic dimension of the violence:

Like neighboring Rwanda, Burundi has been haunted by a history of bloodshed between its two largest ethnic groups, the Tutsis and the Hutus.

Recently, the violence has become more ethnic-based and potentially explosive, witnesses said.

Burundi’s government is led primarily by Hutus. Many of the recent victims, who even include cadets at the government military academy, have been Tutsis.

We’ve been watching for some time as the media tiptoed around the possibility that the violence in Burundi might have an ethnic basis. It’s the “Voldemort approach”: The fear that by speaking about the ethnic component, you’ll somehow only make it more of a reality. Yet while everyone has tried to downplay or avoid this dimension, things have continued to get worse, and the wall of denial has started to crack. Is the global community as a whole starting to wake up to the ugliness of what’s stirred in Burundi?

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  • Fat_Man

    Samantha Power, is currently serving as the United States’s Ambassador to the United Nations, which is a cabinet level appointment that carries the privledge of using an apartment suite in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Park Avenue that costs the taxpayers perhaps $30,000 a month. If my memory serves me well, Ms. Power wrote a book about the the Hutu Tutsi genocide in Rwanda in the 1990s. I believe her thesis was that the US or the UN should have done something about it.

    I assume that she is right now writing angry letters to the NYTimes and the WaPo demanding action to stop the new Hutu Tutsi war, calling emergency meetings of the Security Council with that end in view, and carrying signs demanding action on picket lines in front of the White House when she is not at the UN. Wait, I see her lifting up a bullhorn. I hear …


    • Fat_Man

      Posers. The lot of them are posers.

      • Kevin

        But her solution of sending someone else’s sons to die in the middle of nowhere in Africa to likely accomplish nothing is even less appealing.

        She’s perfectly willing to expend someone else’s blood so she can sleep well at night. At least either having the responsibility of actually implementing her stupid ideas has caused her to reconsider, and/or Obama has told her to STFU. (Even a broke clock is right twice a day.)

        • Fat_Man

          “Obama has told her to STFU.”


          And she will resign in protest. /sarc.

  • Herzog

    Can’t cite chapter and verse, but I read some time ago that Paul Kagame, the Tutsi president-dictator of neighboring Rwanda (and himself a ruthless figure soiled in innocent blood, notwithstanding his earlier by and large positive role in ending the Rwandan Hutu genocide of his Tutsis), has been making noises about the possibility of intervening in Burundi to save his there co-ethnics from another round of major bloodletting. Well, I guess once he intervenes blood would be flowing just the same, just not so much that of the Tutsis …

    Wouldn’t voluntarily ethnic disentanglement be a reasonable way out, with an ordered, internationally planned and supervised population exchange so as to give each Hutus and Tutsis their own ethnically by and large homogeneous territory / state? There, each community could then feel safe and run their own show.

    But I know of course that this is crazy talk, that it won’t happen because it is anathema, unthinkable, and goes against all the secular pieties of our age. I’m afraid though that the alternative to peaceful and orderly ethnic disentanglement will not be eventual reconciliation and all-around happiness, but violent ethnic cleansing that will have leave thousands, if not even tens of thousands dead.

    This perhaps sooner rather than later in faraway Burundi, but a little further down the road potentially also in places closer to home. Because the gods-of-diversity priesthood demands their deities’ unrelenting worship until the end, bloody mass sacrifices notwithstanding. The cult must go on.

    • JR

      History is always written in blood, sooner or later our own.

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