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Free Trade
Free Trade
TPP Could Boost Chinese Exports

The TPP will particularly benefit Vietnam and Malaysia. And it might not hurt China very much.

Free Trade
TPP Exposes Contradictions in the American Left

Even a flawed trade agreement that helps workers in countries like Vietnam deserves the support of people who seriously care about the global poor.

Free Trade
Obama's Latest Obstacle: The Democrats

When it comes to passing massive trade deals with Europe and the Pacific, Obama’s biggest obstacle may not be France or Japan, or even his Republican opponents in the House, but his allies in the Democratic Party. A number of Democratic senators and congressman reacted negatively to efforts to fast-track the legislation through Congress, and there are now questions as to whether the measure will have the votes to pass. Is Obama losing influence in his own party?

Free Trade
WTO Poised for Biggest Success in Years

The 159 countries in the World Trade Organization are finally ready to ink a major free trade agreement after a week of heated debates between the U.S. and India that nearly derailed the process. The agreement, nicknamed “Doha Lite” by some, is far less sweeping than the original Doha plans, but it’s difficult to overstate its importance as one of the biggest victories in the body’s history. The Obama administration has a lot to be proud of here.

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Security of Supply

Not much, it turns out.

fighting the future

Some creative Italians have found a way to beat their country’s job-destroying Euro woes—and the powers that be have immediately organized to crush it.

the Supremes

A nuclear response would be necessary to save the Supreme Court as an institution.

Asia's Game of Thrones

More wages from Obama’s vaunted Pivot to Asia.

Golden State Blues

California’s high-end housing market is one of the most attractive for America’s rich. The market for starter homes? Not so much.

good causes & bad advocates

The organization’s reckless and misleading use of its imprimatur is poisonous for public debate.

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