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France 2017
France 2017
Macron Takes the Lead in French Race

The stars are aligning for Emmanuel Macron in the French presidential race, with a new poll showing him winning the first round.

France 2017
Centrist French Contender Throws in with Macron

The unpredictable French presidential election has taken a new turn in favor of independent candidate Emmanuel Macron.

France 2017
Fillon Says He’s in It to Win It

France’s embattled conservative presidential contender, Francois Fillon, says that he will be staying in the race till the bitter end.

France 2017
Fillon Won’t Back Down Amid Scandal

Francois Fillon is standing his ground amid a corruption scandal that has sent his poll numbers plummeting.

France 2017
Marine Le Pen’s Frexit Pitch

Le Pen’s description of the Euro as a “knife in the ribs” forcing countries to go where their people don’t want to go is sadly accurate.

France 2017
France’s Ridiculous Email Law

Maybe France isn’t ready for Thatcherism after all.

France 2017
Fillon Defeats French Favorite

Fillon is now the favorite to win the presidential elections in 2017.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
The Future

Here’s some fodder for your next dinner party.


Hint: It involves leaflets, psy-ops, and calls from Mom.

Libyan Afterparty

America’s top general in Africa has confirmed that Russia is up to new tricks in Libya.


As if holding back America’s schools wasn’t enough….

Pipeline Politics

Still, several hurdles remain for the beleaguered project.

Soft or Hard Landing

It feels like 2015 all over again.

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