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Atheism is Rising, But…

The number of Americans who say they don’t believe in God has been slowly-but-steadily increasing since the turn of the century.

Spirituality Isn’t Going Away

Religious affiliation is declining, but spirituality won’t go away. Can it be reconnected to religious institutions?

Churchgoers Less Likely to Believe in Ghosts

A world without God is unlikely to be a more “rational” world in the sense that Richard Dawkins and co. would like.

When God Goes Away, Superstition Takes His Place

A world without faith in God would not be a more rational or more humane place.

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Putin on a show?

Russia’s advantage in Syria is a matter of political will, not technical capability.

Higher Education Watch

Colleges make resident assistants “mandatory reporters” for potential Title IX violations.

Border Bluster

Russia continues to taunt Georgia by moving the border of South Ossetia, but don’t expect a change in policy from Tbilisi.

brave new world

We need to carefully think through a lot of our assumptions about gender roles, and build kinds of educational and social systems to help our boys succeed.

Theft in Broad Daylight

This is not your everyday bank failure in Russia.

Asia's Game of Thrones

As he heads to Japan, Duterte is once again denouncing U.S. military involvement in the Pacific. Can Tokyo push back?

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