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After the Coup
After the Coup
Update: Report on U.S. Moving Nukes from Turkey Suspect

Experts cast doubt on story of U.S. moving nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania.

After the Coup
Erdogan Releases 38,000 Prisoners to Make Room for Coup Plotters

Out with the thieves, in with the teachers.

After the Coup
The Russian-Turkish Fling: Off Again on Again

There’s less to the Putin-Erdogan flirtation than meets the eye, but that doesn’t mean U.S.-Turkish relations haven’t entered a delicate period.

After the Coup
Erdogan I, Ruler of ALL the Turks

Turkish government inciting action against Gulenists across the Turkish European diaspora.

After the Coup
Erdogan to EU: In Allah We Trust, All Others Pay Cash

Post-coup, the Turkish President reiterates demand for refugee deal to be paid to him in cash.

After the Coup
Gokhan Sahin/Getty Images
Dark Days Ahead

The plot against Erdoğan has laid bare dangerous undercurrents in Turkey.

After the Coup
Thailand's Economically Savvy Junta Lays Out a Plan

The Thai junta has announced a plan to keep the county’s economy open to foreign investment in the short and long term. Plans to have an open society look less promising.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Asia's Game of Thrones

The Trump Administration is likely to comply.

demographic transformation

The millennial urban boom may be coming to a close. This could have major consequences for America’s politics and geography.

A Heavy Lift

No, probably not. But President Trump may have trouble lifting them in the first place.

Delivering on Promises

TPP, NAFTA, and a special deal with the UK: Trump’s first week will be a busy one.

WRM in the WSJ

Eliot Cohen’s new book presents a nuanced and compelling defense of hard power.


Regular readers know the answer: not very effective at all.

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