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ACA Fail Fractal
ACA Fail Fractal
Budget Deal Reached, ACA Hardest Hit

No party really wants to sustain the system that President Obama thought would be his defining legacy achievement.

ACA Fail Fractal
Is Winter Coming for the ACA?

The ACA chose to address coverage rather than underlying cost, and that move is slowly but surely coming back to haunt it.

ACA Fail Fractal
ACA Coverage, with a Side of Sky High Deductibles

The NYT has slowly begun to figure out that ACA doesn’t make health care affordable.

ACA Fail Fractal
ACA Co-Ops Dropping Like Flies

Democrats blame Republicans for cutting federal funding for co-ops, but the real problem is that health care costs keep rising.

ACA Fail Fractal
ACA Co-Op Watch: Another One Bites the Dust

The most recent ACA co-op to fail is the latest sign pointing to an increasingly undeniable reality: Obamacare isn’t the answer to America’s health care problem.

ACA Fail Fractal
Doc Shock in CA: 75 Percent of ACA Plans Are Narrow

If ACA premium spikes occur in some of those states that have narrowed their networks, the ACA will be a bill that has seen both narrowed networks and raised costs.

ACA Fail Fractal
Obamacare Co-Ops Looking Like Solyndra?

As Obamacare co-ops lose money, billions in federal loans could go up in smoke.

ACA Fail Fractal
Another ACA Argument Bites the Dust

The so-called “health care slowdown” has long been one of the key talking points for Affordable Care Act supporters. But the slowdown has now sped back up.

ACA Fail Fractal
Gray Lady Sweats As Obamacare Premium Hikes Loom

ACA premiums appear set to spike dramatically. Obamacare may be more of an albatross around the Democratic party’s neck than a star in its crown.

ACA Fail Fractal
Aging Hipsters Priced Out of Obamacare

Oregon has not only approved big premium hikes for Obamacare plans; it has even required insurers that didn’t request an increase to raise their prices.

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As Donald Trump takes the oath, an essay on the historical forces that have shaped this moment by Walter Russell Mead.


Clearly a lot of frustration for the outgoing American President has been stored up in the Russian psyche.

the roots of populism

If the term “intellectual” only encompasses thinkers on the Left, then it is only natural that right-wing populists would turn it into a slur.

Rebuilding America

Paul Ryan will target $40 in private investment for every $1 his caucus approves in infrastructure spending.

Violence in Myanmar

Many of Myanmar’s long-suffering Rohingyas are now turning to internationally funded Islamist insurgents to resist the government.

The Shale Rebound

Texas’s Permian Basin has been called “the crown jewel of the world’s oil and gas industry.”

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