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$15 Minimum
$15 Minimum
The Robot Subsidy Act

A pink slip for workers, and subsidy for the high tech sector.

$15 Minimum
The Replacement Continues

We don’t need laws against robots or progress, but we don’t need laws that artificially hasten the elimination of low-skilled employment either.

$15 Minimum
Blue Contradictions Coming to the Fore

California moves to hike minimum wage just as the Obama administration warns that low-skilled jobs are highly vulnerable to automation.

$15 Minimum
California Plays With Fire

For depressed rural counties, California’s proposed $15 minimum wage is an existential threat.

$15 Minimum
How Much Job Loss Is Too Much?

A new paper estimates that recent minimum wage increases have cost about 100,000 to 200,000 jobs nationally.

$15 Minimum
Wal-Mart Woes: Perils of the Minimum Wage Hike?

If advocates of a $15 national minimum wage were motivated by evidence rather than ideology, then Wal-Mart’s recent stock slide would give them pause.

$15 Minimum
Cuomo Moves to Destroy Upstate New York Economy

A $15 minimum wage sends a clear message to business: Sell New York bonds, stop hiring poor people, and see what you can do to move your company to a more welcoming state.

$15 Minimum
Minimum Wage Hike Would Hit Manufacturing Hardest

The $15 dollar minimum movement is a good way to send manufacturers packing, and stop the recent uptick in American manufacturing.

$15 Minimum
Minimum Wage Spurs Restaurants to Automate?

Minimum wage hikes were supposed to shore up the blue model economy. Instead, they may be pushing even labor-intensive businesses like restaurants to automate what they can.

$15 Minimum
University of California Hops on Minimum Wage Bandwagon

To the extent that the $14 million dollar a year cost is borne by individual campuses rather than the UC as a whole, it will likely disproportionately effect the most vulnerable campuses in the cash-starved system.

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Jason Willick on the inadequacy of the donor class vision for the Republican Party.

Regulate Don't Kill

Trying to apply blue model thinking to post-blue problems is foolish.

A New Cud to Chew

Feeding cows seaweed could cut out 99 percent of their methane emissions.

Trouble in Brussels

After threatening Putin with new sanctions over Syria, European leaders discover they lack the political will to deliver.

The United States is now going to have to figure out how to help Venezuela avoid completely melting down, with the Venezuelan strongman still at the helm.

Fear the Airpocalypse

Companies are defying orders to cut back on air pollution.

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