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Diversifying the Portfolio

The U.S. hasn’t even finished constructing the necessary infrastructure yet, and already Lithuania is signing a preliminary deal to import American LNG.


Days after an disaster was just barely avoided at the negotiating table with a four month extension of the bailout program, it appears the Greeks are running out of money three months ahead of schedule.

Crude Language

Beleaguered by plunging oil prices, Venezuela is lashing out against American shale producers with some crude language.

Pipeline Politics

The Senate is preparing a vote to override President Obama’s Keystone veto on Thursday.

The Francis Era

Pope Francis had a mandate to bring order to the Curia and peace to warring Church factions. Neither seems to be going very well just now.

the tyranny of the plurality

A Kremlin-allied party consisting mostly of ethnic Russians is the most cohesive in Estonia, and it very nearly won the recent election there.

The Prime Minister's Speech
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A Success
Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech was a rousing success. Now the next step is up to Congress.
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Smash & Burn
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A New Reality
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Policing a Broken-Windows World
Policing a Broken-Windows World
Policing a Broken-Windows World
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