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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Boom or Bust

During his annual call-in show, Vladimir Putin predicted that Russia’s economy will recover in less than two years. Place your bets now, folks.

Bankrupt Health Care

The former head of Britain’s National Health Service Sir David Nicholson warns that “managed decline” could be coming to British health care—and emergency action will be needed to shore up its finances.

A Misunderstanding

Scientists are tripping over themselves trying to explain the slowdown in global warming. So much for “settled science”.

The EU vs Silicon Valley

Objecting to “the economic disruption of the digital age?” Good luck with that.

Another Round

Eastern Ukraine looks set for another round of serious fighting.

Reactor Revival

Japanese citizens won a court ruling stopping two nuclear reactors from restarting. The island nation has few good energy options.

Pakistan's Yemen Dilemma
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The Gulf Alliance & Pakistan
Will Pakistan be pulled into the the Gulf Alliance against Yemen's rebels?
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An Unlikely Socialist
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How Not to Win a War
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