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Greeks Bearing Threats

Is it a canny negotiating tactic ahead of the austerity showdown, or a sign of Greece’s realignment?


President Obama failed to sign any kind of a landmark climate deal in his recent trip to India. This should surprise no one who is paying any attention.

Go Big or Go Home

Why did it take the US four months to clear a town the size of Biloxi, MS?


Shortly after announcing bans on Alaskan coast drilling, the Obama Administration proposed a swath of new offshore drilling areas, including one off the Atlantic coast.

Democratic Superpowers

Obama’s trip to India yielded massive diplomatic successes in the form of nuclear and defense deals and an explicit strategic alignment on China.

Attack on Fracking

MPs rejected a moratorium on fracking this week, though the British government agreed to 13 new conditions for the controversial drilling process.

In It To Win It
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Putin's World
Walter Russell Mead
The West's inability to comprehend how Vladimir Putin sees the world means it has trouble thinking constructively about how to deal with him.
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Lithuania Joins the Euro
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Pluralism and Modernity
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