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Blue Model Blowup

Local Democrats don’t have solutions for the magnitude of our cities’ problems. Fixing America’s cities is one of the most urgent jobs on our national to-do list.


The Obama Administration moves to reassure regional allies we had taken for granted.

Nigerian Elections

An encouraging sign in Nigeria—President Goodluck Jonathan peacefully concedes power to challenger Muhammadu Buhari.

New York Blues

New York’s new state budget protects business as usual in the state from meaningful reform. That means NYC will continue to be terribly governed.

Asia's Game of Thrones

After a reprieve and a change of tone, China is back to its aggressive policies in the South China Sea, and the U.S. is looking to balance.

Vox vs. Obama

Having already united the Israelis and the Saudis, Obama brings together Vox and Fox.

Real Putinism
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Political Decay
The Russian state as it is today is more akin to the world as it was in the beginning: without form, and void.
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Western Trends
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U.S.-Israel Relations
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Lee Kuan Yew (1923-2015)
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The Many Masks of Modern Russia
The Many Masks of Modern Russia
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