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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
The New Middle East

A momentous (but expected) move leaves Benjamin Netanyahu the big winner, and Turkey and President Obama the big losers.

Crude Economics

Nigeria is agitating for an emergency OPEC meeting, but don’t expect the Saudis to agree.

Growing Smarter

The Indian Prime Minister is heeding the science and pushing for more GM-friendly policies.

Leading from Behind

Erbil said the Obama plan took the Kurds by surprise.

Europe's Latin Lefties

Podemos’s links to the Chávez regime go deep.

Saudi Arabia vs. Iran

Saudi Arabia is reportedly backing opponents of the Iranian-supported Houthis in Yemen.

Time For Some Straight-Talk on NATO
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A New Reality
With a real crisis brewing on Europe’s northeastern flank, leading “from behind” or leading from the “Mitte” just won’t do.
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In Memoriam
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China's Game of Thrones
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The AI Podcast
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Policing a Broken-Windows World
Policing a Broken-Windows World
Policing a Broken-Windows World
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