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Roger Gran Harrison
Pumphrett Plights His Troth

Volume four of The Pumphrett Papers.

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Pumphrett Ops In

Volume Three of the Pumphrett Papers.

The Real Deal
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Assuming the Position

Volume Two of the Pumphrett Papers.

Foreign Policy
U.S. Air Force/Getty Images
Grand Strategy in Three Words or Less

Volume One of the Pumphrett Papers.

Shooting Missives in the Air

They’ll come to Earth we know not where.

The Secret of Success

How to succeed in politics and everything else.

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The Ballad of Barack and Hillary

She was from Mars. He was from Venus.

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The Invisible Arms Race

We’ve finally admitted that the space race is on. Time for bold steps to compete.

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Notes from the Edge

William Perry’s new memoir aims to sound the alarm about a rebirth of the nuclear threat. But his book lacks the sensationalism that might have attracted a wider audience.

Leaving Iraq

Dueling memoirs, one by Chris Hill and the other by Emma Sky, illuminate the Iraqi darkness when read together.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
France 2017

France’s embattled conservative presidential contender, Francois Fillon, says that he will be staying in the race till the bitter end.

Asia's Game of Thrones

Things are heating up in both of China’s maritime disputes.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Money without reform is a bad idea.

Trump's Cabinet

The new EPA head made his career railing against the agency he will now lead.

The Greek Tragedy

Nothing demonstrates the dead end into which the European Union has so tragically worked itself better than the policy paralysis that has crippled its response to the Greek calamity.


Poland and the Czech Republic are collateral damage in Germany’s energiewende.

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