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Peter Berger
Religion & Other Curiosities
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Yazidis, Hell, and its Abolition

The Yazidi version of Satan relates in a curious way to a serious Christian tradition about hell and its abolition.

Religion & Other Curiosities
Religion, Education and Entertainment

Can religion be presented in an objective and theologically neutral way, be it for educational or entertainment purposes?

Religion & Other Curiosities
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Day of the Tyrants?

As democratic progress stalls around the world, what is required on both sides of the Atlantic is the emergence of political leaders who are both hard-nosed and morally responsible. If only one could advertise!

Religion & Other Curiosities
Lessons of Orlando?

One does not have to be a postmodern theorist to debunk most of the “narratives” that have emerged in the wake of the June 12 massacre.

Religion & Other Curiosities
Women in Shorts Studying Talmud

It is possible to approach the Talmud without affirming the truth claims it implies. However, to do so has a price—the loss of its deepest meaning.

Religion & Other Curiosities
New Atheists or Latter-Day Jacobins?

Both latter-day Jacobins and “godders” may agree on the facts, but will have opposite views on what should be done about the alleged facts.

Religion & Other Curiosities
Where Are the Good Guys?

In the words of a great writer, admirable actions may be another sign “that God has not given up on humanity”.

A Mixed Bag
Matteo Ricci and his first convert. Hulton Archive/Getty Images
Religious Hybrids

No matter what your faith or lack of it, the study of religion is an intellectually fascinating project. Take the hybrids, for example…

Religion & Other Curiosities
Beheadings and Transgender Bathrooms

As in virtually all items that have become issues in the culture war, protagonists on both sides are absolutely convinced of the rightness of their ideology and the wickedness of anyone who doubts this.

Thoughts From Vienna
In the Vortex of the Migration Crisis

Contrasting the late Austro-Hungarian legacy of pluralism with Europe amid the migrant crisis.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Packing a Punch

Small, modular nuclear reactors could help provide the planet with more zero-emissions baseload power than ever before.

Africa's Problem Child

The only thing worse than a warlord in government is a warlord out of government.

South China Sea Standoff

But about what?

Data Dive

The violent crime spike persisted into 2016.

After the Coup

Post-coup, the Turkish President reiterates demand for refugee deal to be paid to him in cash.

How to Measure

The exact amount of oil currently in storage can be filed under the heading “known unknowns.”

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