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Peter Berger
Religion & Other Curiosities
Religion & Other Curiosities
Have Secularists Won the Culture War?

A set of recommendations on a strategic platform for those not ready to worship at the shrine of progressive ideology.

Religion & Other Curiosities
Pope Francis Drops the Other Shoe

Amoris Laetitia is a splendid, even poetic invocation of the human wonder of family life, of the love of spouses, and between parents and children.

Religion & Other Curiosities
Suits, Slobs, and the New Class System

A new caste has emerged in America, constituting an elite that spans the divide between the two parties. The two party establishments resemble each other much more than their respective non-elite bases.

Religion and Other Curiosities
Who Is an Evangelical?

There can be no doubt that the Evangelical community is an important factor on the religious landscape of the United States. But how should we define it?

the migrant crisis
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Darkness and Light at Idomeni

In a time of crisis, quite a few people suddenly and surprisingly perform admirable acts of compassion, often at considerable cost and risk to themselves.

Religion & Other Curiosities
The Texas Board of Education and the Whispers of the Universe

There is a curious resemblance between the fundamentalists of both the Protestant and “New Atheist” varieties.

The Obama Doctrine: Responses
Dilemmas of Power

A great power cannot retain credibility if it first speaks like Churchill then acts like Chamberlain.

Religion & Other Curiosities
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Did the Pope Have a Girlfriend?

Two recent news stories point to a possible way the Catholic Church might solve the problem of too few priests.

Victims and Victimologists

Every modern revolutionary movement has sought to change the language. Campus liberals are hardly the first.

Social Construction
South Dakota, LGBT, and the Culture War

There is a curious affinity between the recent LGBT movement and conservative religious views about the sexual dimension of human life.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Hail Shale

America’s net imports of natural gas last year were lower than at any point since 1986.

The Fracas in Caracas

Polar makes 80% of the beer in Venezuela—or used to.

Col. Klink and Sgt. Schultz

“No politician, no airport director and no person who is not addicted to drugs can make a firm guarantee about this airport.”

North Korea Fallout

How will the U.S. and South Korea respond?

Green Climate Fund

Green investments have a dismal track record in generating big eco-returns per dollar spent.

The European Immigration Crisis

Measures would ban minarets, calls to prayer, veils.

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