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Peter Berger
Religion & Other Curiosities
Religion & Other Curiosities
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Who Lost the American Culture War?

Two prominent public intellectuals chart out a political way forward for Evangelicals in America.

the migrant crisis
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Two Germanies, Or Maybe Three

German public opinion is veering away from the original spontaneous welcome to the masses of migrants. There are three sectors of the public: a minority still affirming the legendary “welcome culture”; another minority vocally hostile; and a large group in the middle not firmly committed either way.

Religion & Other Curiosities
Religious Freedom and the Vicissitudes of Power

The problem of balancing power and ethos is not new, but in the face of the unspeakable atrocities that confront us today it is especially anguished.

Religion & Other Curiosities

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Religion & Other Curiosities
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Looking for Jesus on Planet Gliese 832c

All religion is an attempt to answer the question whether we insignificant beings are alone in the universe.

Religion in the USA
The Popemobile Comes to America

How much does it matter if the Pope pushes a quasi-Marxist ideology? Probably quite a lot.

Collective Mania and Politics
St. Vitus’ Dance and the Rational Actor

Institutions, which are typically based on rational assumptions, are dams holding at bay the howling frenzies lurking in human souls. All institutions are fragile. Sometimes the dams break.

the migrant crisis
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Compassion and Interests

A moral vision is important, but it helps greatly if you can appeal to hard interests as well as to conscience.

Religion in America
Church Picnics and the Communion of Saints

It is unrealistic to force people who have nothing in common in this world to enjoy relaxed sociability, and yet that has become the norm among American religious communities.

Objective and Subjective History
Editing the Past

ISIS is destroying Palmyra in order to murder history, in a manner of speaking. The past is not all that unchangeable—whether by eliminating its physical remains or by rewriting the “narrative.”

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
(Wrong) Crisis in the Middle East

Secretary Kerry reopens Arab-Israeli peace efforts as world burns around him.

China's Rise

With the security situation deteriorating everywhere from Nigeria to Burundi to Mali to Libya, China needs to be able to protect its infrastructure and personnel.

Higher Education Watch

College enrollment ticked downward between 2008 and 2013, with an especially sharp decline among low-income students.

Foreign Policy Adrift

President Obama’s pivot away from the Middle East was only possible because of his belief that what happened in the Middle East could stay in the Middle East. But we are now seeing how false that belief is.

Show Me the Money

Republican Senators could shove a dagger in the heart of climate talks by withholding money from a global climate fund.

unforced error

The alienation of Bangkok should instruct American diplomats as they think about how to engage with Myanmar.

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