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Erdogan and Europe
The EU Has a New Enemy
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  • Beauceron

    The “new enemy” isn’t Turkey per se. The root cause of this problem is the 400,000 Turks living in Holland.

    And why shouldn’t politicians from “home” countries for large populations living within Europe be allowed to campaign in European countries? Those people clearly can vote in the home countries, that’s why the politicians from those nations are travelling to European countries to campaign in the first place. They deserve the same attention from politicians, the same voice as those still residing in those countries.

    I would remind Americans that Mexican presidential candidates have campaigned in the US (see, for example:

    Elites in the West actively chose to flood Western countries with foreigners from other countries and cultures. We were told as citizens that those newcomers would assimilate with their host countries. That has not happened. Turkey has it own culture. And now Europe has Turkish culture, while its own is fractured and diminished. There were many people who said this would happen– that social cohesion would be broken through mass immigration. No sense blaming the Turks, even though I am no fan of Erdogan. Turkey didn’t invite 400,000 Turks to move to Holland– Holland’s elite did.

    • Suzy Dixon

      Exactly. The far left just wants the Muslims to sit down and shut up during this crucial election time, and then they can get back to destroying Europe together if Wilders, Le Pen, and parties like the AfD and Swedish Democrats lose.

      • Boritz

        Publications named — Zeitung or TAI simply call these groups far right.

  • Suzy Dixon

    The far left across Europe did not suddenly grow a spine. They know that seeing hundreds of thousands of Muslims marching through the streets worried about a Muslims country’s politics will only help the conservatives.
    They are not concerned with migrants who are not assimilating even after the second and third generation.
    They are concerned about it, especially in the Netherlands with elections upon them, because it will only help Wilders.

    • Andrew Allison

      I agree. This simply cynical political maneuvering intended to prevent high-profile Muslim rallies.

    • Thom Burnett

      I agree. This isn’t about Turkey at all. It’s about Muslim assemblies within the Netherlands and other parts of Europe. The elites don’t want such public, news worthy elections to be seen by the white voters of their own country. It’s another underhanded tactic to avoid the truths that Geert Wilder, La Pen, etc are willing to say.

    • ljgude

      I agree too. Just an emission of Post Modern fog to obscure an Pre Modern invasion/occupation.

  • leoj

    Somehow it is all Steve Bannon’s fault. I’m not sure how, but give it time and the hand of Trump’s Svengali will be revealed by the press…

    • Andrew Allison

      And we should care about the lies being promulgated by the MSM because? One would have thought that the MSM would have learned something from the reaction to its collective glee when a couple of stores dropped Ivanka’s brand, namely soaring sales.

    • D4x

      If only Flynn was still available, now that we know he was lobbying for Turkey.

  • Fat_Man

    I have repeatedly called for the dissolution of NATO. This is just another demonstration of the obsolescence and general worthlessness of that organization.

    Turkey is of no strategic or economic importance to the United States. As it turns into an Islamist dictatorship, its economy, which is of little global impact will collapse. Unlike the Gulf states, it has no oil or other natual resources to keep it out of the slough of despond.

  • ronetc

    So, any opposition to unassimilated Muslims demonstrating in European streets is to “harp” or “demagogue”? I suppose “submission” is the preferred position.

  • lukelea

    So Islamophobia it turns out might not be so irrational after all?

    • Jeff77450

      Said in all seriousness: There is no such thing as Islamophobia. A phobia is an irrational fear. Fear of Islam is entirely rational. I served in four Islamic visions of what can only be described as Hell on Earth and I know of what I speak. I acknowledge that it’s the Wahhabists/Salafists that are creating most of the problems that we associate with Islam.

  • Anthony
  • Angel Martin

    So the EU now has both Turkey and Russia trying to bring them down, in addition to all their other problems.

    Almost time to dust off the short euro trade.

  • Charles Martel

    It’s pretty rich for a country that refuses to acknowledge the Armenian genocide, and has invaded and occupied parts of two neighbouring countries, jails journalists and conducts wide-ranging internal purges to be accusing other countries of Naziism.

    • Eurydice

      People keep telling the Greeks ” get over it” and somehow these reminders keep popping up.

  • Albert8184

    Everything about Erdogan is so predictable…. he is a Muslim after all.

    “More fundamentally, he has destroyed the best hope in a generation of genuinely Islamic form of democracy, and is currently stoking Islamophobia…”

    There is no such thing as Islamic democracy. Anybody who pays attention to reality knows that.

  • Proud Skeptic

    And so, the struggle to meld Islam and modernity continues.

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