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Wrath of Khan
Wrath of Khan
On Independence Day, Pakistan Braces for a Storm

A large demonstration against Pakistani Prime Minister Sharif is set to take place on the country’s Independence Day, and troops are patrolling the streets.

Wrath of Khan
Imran’s Party Calls Itself "Liberal"

Imran Khan is looking to shed his “Taliban Khan” image by softening his pro-negotiation stance and rebranding his party as a “liberal, nationalist party.” Will it work?

Wrath of Khan
Imran Says Thanks But No Thanks to Taliban

After years of calling for peace talks with the Taliban, Pakistan’s Imran Khan is turning down an offer to lead the negotiations. Is Khan trying to distance himself from talks that could be doomed to failure?

Wrath of Khan
Imran Khan Gets Another Shot at Talks with Taliban

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif declared (once again) that the government is ready to hold peace talks with the Taliban, apparently putting an end to weeks of speculation about a military operation against militants in Pakistan’s tribal areas. Is this Imran Khan’s moment to shine?

Wrath of Khan
Imran Khan Changes Tack

Known as Taliban Khan by his detractors, Imran Khan, the cricketer-turned-politician, has been the most vocal supporter of dialogue between the state and the Taliban to end an insurgency that has so far cost upwards of 50,000 lives. His insistence on negotiations has made him look desperate and weak as the Taliban continue to wreak havoc across the country, killing 40 people in separate bomb attacks over this weekend alone.

Wrath of Khan
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Imran Wins One, But At What Cost?

After the provincial government bluntly refused to partake or even endorse Imran Khan’s anti-drone protests, his party resorted to thuggery and sabotage to make sure that crucial NATO supplies both to and from Afghanistan are halted in their tracks. If his objective was to block NATO supplies, then yes, he can call it a success, but it has come at a tremendous cost not only to slowly improving Pak-American relations, but Khan’s own political ambitions.

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The answer isn’t straightforward, and it’s likely to be decided by our next president.

Asia's Game of Thrones

As Duterte continues to slam the U.S. and look to China, Japan is caught in an awkward position.


By snubbing nuclear power, Berlin has consigned itself to decades of coal dependence.

The European Immigration Crisis

There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

Miracles Can Happen

It’s probably not a model for the country (as some analysts would have it), but it shows that compromise is possible when all parties involved are committed to finding a practical solution.

Putin on a show?

Russia’s advantage in Syria is a matter of political will, not technical capability.

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