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Watching the Watchers
Watching the Watchers
NSA Reformers Score a Big Victory

Months of furor over the NSA’s surveillance program have come to a head: a panel of advisors appointed by President Obama to make recommendations on reforming the NSA have released their report. We don’t necessarily endorse all the details of how that balance is struck here, but it looks like the authors of the report got the broad principles right. What’s needed, in both the NSA specifically and digital privacy more generally, is “ordered liberty” that reflects the ordered liberty we apply to the rest of American life.

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Asia's Game of Thrones

Both Washington and Manila are doing damage control in the wake of Duterte’s latest comments, but the real test is yet to come.


Even the New York Times is beginning to acknowledge Obama’s sorry legacy in the Middle East.

beyond blue

Financial literacy has to become a basic element of the U.S. educational system.


The inability to pass the easiest of trade deals with Canada speaks to a deeper structural crisis at the heart of the continent.

After the Elections

Fair enough. But some of the Realpolitik Russia won’t like.

Shale Is Hale

Welcome to the era of the “monster frack.”

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