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The Weekend Read
The Weekend Read
Fear, Faith, and Courage

Marilynne Robinson has, throughout her essays and fiction, looped an iron chord around the twinned facts of faith and the moral self.

The Weekend Read
The Twin Poles of American Integrity

Amid a growing consensus that Americans have lost faith in their country, ideas about strengthening institutions, on the one hand, and inspiring individual virtue, on the other, ought to be integrated.

The Weekend Read
Is America Coming Apart?

When the President speaks of American exceptionalism, conservatives disbelieve him while liberals cringe. But there is another reaction ascendant, arguing that whether American exceptionalism was once a force for good or for evil, it is now disappearing.

The Weekend Read
The Death of Adulthood?

The cultural abdication of adulthood that A.O. Scott describes in this week’s New York Times Magazine is real. We risk leaving to our children the impossible task of loving a world that we don’t respect enough to love ourselves.

The Weekend Read
The Poverty of Ideas

Our responses to the economic and political malaise that plagues us are mired in denial and debt. Our real problem is a failure to think.

The Weekend Read
The Two American Constitutional Freedoms

The U.S. Constitution encompasses two different ideas of liberty that operate in tension.

The Weekend Read
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The Radical As the Vanguard of the Status Quo

The middle ground in the tragic conflict between Israel and the Palestinians will never be found by insisting on either radically partial Zionist or anti-Zionist narratives that ignore the basic facts.

The Weekend Read
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A Sport of Nature

A Sport of Nature offers is a fictional meditation on the power of spontaneity in politics. It stands for the idea that no matter how dark the world the light of the human spirit can and will shine forth to bring a new day.

The Weekend Read
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When The Hell That Is War Loses Its Power

“Between Sovereign states there can be no last resort except war; if war no longer serves that purpose, that fact alone proves that we must have a new concept of the state.”

—Hannah Arendt, in an interview with Adelbert Reif, 1970.

The Weekend Read
The Unknown Within Ourselves

The political importance of privacy is plurality. Only when people grow and mature in a protected world of home and hearth can they find the space and freedom to think independently and thus differently.

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Jason Willick on the inadequacy of the donor class vision for the GOP.

Regulate Don't Kill

Trying to apply blue model thinking to post-blue problems is foolish.

A New Cud to Chew

Feeding cows seaweed could cut out 99 percent of their methane emissions.

Trouble in Brussels

After threatening Putin with new sanctions over Syria, European leaders discover they lack the political will to deliver.

The United States is now going to have to figure out how to help Venezuela avoid completely melting down, with the Venezuelan strongman still at the helm.

Fear the Airpocalypse

Companies are defying orders to cut back on air pollution.

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