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Taiwan and China
Taiwan and China
Tsai Ing-wen Reforms Taiwan’s China Policy

Tsai Ing-wen is already breaking with the traditions of her pro-Beijing predecessor.

Taiwan and China
How Much Does the China-Taiwan Summit Matter?

The first meeting between leaders of the two countries since 1949 conveniently is set for just before Taiwan’s critical elections.

Taiwan and China
KMT Party Loses Big in Taiwan

Taiwan’s pro-China KMT suffered a huge blow in local elections. The impact may be felt far beyond Taiwan’s shores.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Crude Economics

London is using both carrot and stick to keep offshore oil output up.

Greeks Bearing Debts

Greece’s recurrent crisis is the result of bad Greek and German decisions alike. Only one is in year eight of a depression as a result.

Frack Baby Frack

Abundant shale gas brought natural gas prices to historic lows—and made the US a net exporter of the hydrocarbon.

WRM Elsewhere

Walter Russell Mead tackles the question.

Silicon Valley All Grown Up

Is Silicon Valley getting tired of blue governance?

Military Spending

The UK government promises that Britain’s new aircraft carriers will have aircraft.

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