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South China Sea on a Boil
South China Sea on a Boil
Russia Plans to Make a Splash in South China Sea

Putin continues to pursue a poor man’s foreign policy. We should ask ourselves why it’s working so well.

South China Sea on a Boil
Nationalist Pressure Rises in China

President Xi and his predecessors have stoked nationalist fires for years, and it’s not going to be easy for him to back down or sit put for long.

South China Sea on a Boil
Philippines Turns Down Talks Amidst Chinese “Combat Air Patrols”

The muscle flexing apparently didn’t help China’s overtures to the Philippines for an alternative, bilateral settlement.

South China Sea on a Boil
China Intercepts U.S. Fighter Jet

Ahead of President Obama’s trip to east Asia this weekend, things are heating up in the South China Sea.

South China Sea on a Boil
Pentagon Expects Beijing to Speed Up South China Sea Construction

All indications are that China believes 2016 is a critical year for the South China Sea.

South China Sea on a Boil
Is China Building Floating Nuclear Plants for the South China Sea?

Color us skeptical.

South China Sea on a Boil
China and U.S. Spar Verbally over South China Sea

The Chinese Foreign Ministry also compared Beijing’s island fortifications to U.S. military outposts in Hawaii.

South China Sea on a Boil
Keeping the Open Seas Open

Rumor has it that the Obama Administration has given the Navy a green light to conduct freedom of navigation operations in the South China Seas. It’s about time.

South China Sea on a Boil
What Is Australia’s China Policy?

Many observers expected Australia to warm to Beijing after Turnbull’s intra-Party coup. Are Canberra’s mixed signals on South China Sea U.S. naval patrols a sign that this is finally happening?

South China Sea on a Boil
Beijing Building Another Airstrip in the South China Sea

Satellite photographs indicate that China is building a third runway on the disputed Spratly archipelago in the South China Sea.

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Asia's Game of Thrones

As he heads to Japan, Duterte is once again denouncing U.S. military involvement in the Pacific. Can Tokyo push back?

The Cracks Start to Widen

Again, the question supporters of the law will have to answer centers on sustainability: is the health system that Obamacare establishes something that can really last?

Crude Economics

That OPEC production cut is going to have to fall on the Saudis’ shoulders—if it’s to happen at all.

Egypt in Turmoil

The West is ignoring an ongoing crisis in Egypt, as painful austerity measures stoke outrage against the Sisi government.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Déjà vu all over again.

Public Opinion

A new Gallup poll registers big increases in respect for police, including among Democrats and nonwhites.

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