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Polar Shares
Polar Shares
Are We Ready for a Less Icy Arctic?

Oil, gas, and shipping lanes are all vital strategic interests ready to be claimed in a less icy Arctic, but the U.S. seems to be unprepared for the contest.

Polar Shares
Russia Claims North Pole in Arctic Land Grab

Moscow submitted a new claim to some 463,000 square miles of the Arctic this week.

Polar Shares
US Unprepared For Arctic Rush

A new report finds that the United States is woefully underprepared for oil and gas drilling in the Arctic. We’re playing catch-up in a region with both commercial and strategic interests.

Polar Shares
Canada's Arctic Moves

Canada last week expanded its claims in the Arctic, enticed by the region’s oil and gas riches. Russia isn’t taking that laying down—Putin ordered his military to beef up bases in the region, and sharpen its focus on Arctic goings-on.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff

The inability to pass the easiest of trade deals with Canada speaks to a deeper structural crisis at the heart of the continent.

After the Elections

Fair enough. But some of the Realpolitik Russia won’t like.

Shale Is Hale

Welcome to the era of the “monster frack.”


And get this: it’s because the industry already got the subsidies it wanted.

Putin's Patronage

The rebound of Russia’s largest oil company appears to be a major success story, but the truth is more complicated.

TAI elsewhere

Jason Willick on the inadequacy of the donor class vision for the Republican Party.

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