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Iraq Disintegrates
Iraq Disintegrates
Can We Count on the Kurds?

Even with the U.S. lending a hand from the air, local forces might not be strong enough to hold ISIS at bay on the ground.

Iraq Disintegrates
Maliki Loses Top Shi'a Cleric's Support—and Possibly Iran's

Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki has lost the support of both the Iranians and Ayatollah Sistani. Now down to only his die-hard supporters, can he stay in office?

Iraq Disintegrates
Iraq's Maliki Assails Kurds

The Iraqi Prime Minister accused the Kurds of harboring ISIS terrorists, in the latest of a series of ugly speeches. But there’s nothing Baghdad can do to prevent an independent Kurdistan.

Iraq Disintegrates
ISIS Owns More Strategic Territory Than You Think

ISIS now controls trade routes vital to Iraq’s economy. This augurs ill for Iraq and the region as a whole.

Iraq Disintegrates
Iran Sending Iraq Jets, Too

The Iranians, like the Russians, have sent jets to Iraq. Is the world starting to take advantage of President Obama’s apparent need for time as he makes foreign policy decisions?

Iraq Disintegrates
Russian Jets Point to New Alignment in Iraq

Russia sent jets and experts to Iraq. As America dithers, does Russia see an opening for a new Shiite alliance?

Iraq Disintegrates
Kurds See Silver Lining in Iraq Cataclysm

Turkey moved to subdue its long-running ethnic conflict on Thursday, and Israel joined it in reaching out to Iraqi Kurdistan. There may be at least one potential beneficiary from the chaos in Iraq.

Iraq Disintegrates
Saudi Arabia to US, Iran: Don't Interfere

Fearing U.S.-Iran cooperation on a clean-up effort in Iraq, Saudi Arabia is warning foreign powers to stay put and stay out.

Iraq Disintegrates
Afraid of the War Next Door, Iranians Praise the Revolutionary Guard

Terrified by the conflagration in Iraq, ordinary Iranians have taken to cheering the Revolutionary Guard—which ruthlessly put down the protests of 2009. As fear sweeps the region, the likelihood of an all-out religious war only grows.

Iraq Disintegrates
Kurdistan Exists: What Now?

The Kurds now stand as perhaps the most coherent and powerful force in Iraq, and they will probably elect to form their own state. Turkey may well be backing them. What then will Washington do?

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