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Iran-Saudi Rivalry
Iran-Saudi Rivalry
France Seeks to Jumpstart Stalled Saudi-Lebanon Deal

France hopes to convince the Saudis that the time has come to implement a stalled arms deal with Lebanon.

Iran-Saudi Rivalry
Will Pakistan Side with Saudi Arabia against Iran?

The army wants a tougher anti-Iran line than the civilian politicians and, if history is any guide, we should expect that the army will get what it wants.

Iran-Saudi Rivalry
UN Tries to Tackle “Ticking Bomb” of Yemen

Representatives of the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels and the Saudi-backed President in exile are in their second day of U.N. sponsored peace talks in Geneva. Expectations are low.

Iran-Saudi Rivalry
Is Saudi Arabia Offering an Olive Branch to Iran?

Saudi Arabia has invited Iran to diplomatic talks in Riyadh. That’s a big change. But given the rampant duplicity in Middle East diplomacy, that could just as easily signal that the situation is getting more tense, not less.

Iran-Saudi Rivalry
Saudi-Pakistani Relationship Brightens Under the Missile-toe

U.S.-Saudi relations have been hovering barely above the sand in recent months, and Riyadh is showing an increasing willingness to pursue its regional goals without Washington’s oversight. The attendance of a Pakistani General to yesterday’s massive Saudi military parade suggests a closer relationship between the two regional powers. Iran will not be pleased.

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Asia's Game of Thrones

Taiwan has been engaging in military drills this week around Taiping Island, its major foothold in the South China Sea—and Vietnam is having none of it.

Power Problems

What a new bankruptcy means for the American (and global) nuclear power industry:

Fear the Airpocalypse

But how much trust can we put in European emissions testing?

Asia's Game of Thrones

Li Keqiang’s trip Down Under aimed to shore up Australian support for Chinese trade, with mixed results.

Political Economy

If America’s economic momentum persists, Trump may once again prove harder to stop than his opponents imagine.

Reforming China

Even a Chinese state think tank speaks the ugly truth.

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