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Higher Ed Bubble
Higher Ed Bubble
Student Debt Crisis Shows No Signs of Abating

Outstanding student loan debt now stands at over a trillion dollars, and millions of borrowers are in dire straits.

Higher Ed Bubble
More Ominous Statistics for Higher Ed Industry

The data point to serious financial trouble on the horizon for non-elite colleges. This could be a good thing in the long term.

Higher Ed Bubble
Law Schools Still Have A Ways To Fall

Law schools are responding to reduced demand by offering more financial aid, lowering admission standards, or lowering tuition. But market forces will force much bigger changes than that on legal education over the long term.

Higher Ed Bubble
Colleges Rack Up Debt to Build Luxurious Dorms

Colleges are doubling down on luxurious housing even as student loan debt mounts. Most troubling is that states are using bonds to finance new construction.

Higher Ed Bubble
At Google, It Pays to Have Passed on College

College isn’t for everyone—especially in its current form—but good jobs are hard to find if you pass on the B.A. But could Google be leading the way toward a shift in hiring practices?

Higher Ed Bubble
How Much Is a College Degree Worth?

How much do employers actually care what students learn in college? According to a new podcast with GMU’s Bryan Caplan, not much.

Higher Ed Bubble
How to Fight Administrative Bloat on Campus

In the past month alone, two studies have confirmed that administrative hiring has skyrocketed over the past few decades and has contributed significantly to the rise in tuition. Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds has some good ideas for how the higher-ed industry can reverse this trend.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Putin's Retirement Plan?

The sanctioned Russian bank VTB, a Kremlin favorite, had a critical role to play in the sale of a government oil company stake last month. Cui bono?

the grass is always greener

The GOP has spent altogether too much energy raging against the Affordable Care Act and altogether too little developing and building support for alternatives.

Law & Order

A new study estimates just how much police reduce crime rates.

Crude Economics

It’s not enough to balance supply and demand—petrostates need to contend with crude in storage, as well.

Asia's Game of Thrones

Do the defense minister’s words signify a rift within Manila’s top leadership?


Over the weekend, PEOTUS assured Britain of a speedy bilateral trade deal as soon as he’s in office. If things go well for Britain, look to some other wavering EU countries to start looking at their options.

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