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Germany's Great Green Meltdown
Germany's Great Green Meltdown
Germany Nixes Support for Nuclear Exports

Germany will no longer issue credit guarantees to exporters selling nuclear material in risky markets. But many developing nations could use a zero-emissions source like nuclear.

Germany's Great Green Meltdown
Germany's Green Policies Breaking the Bank, Maybe the Rules

The EU is officially investigating Germany’s green policies to determine if they violate the bloc’s competition rules. On Wednesday the European Commission announced it was opening a probe of Merkel’s policy of exempting her country’s most energy-intensive firms from green surcharges tacked on to electricity bills to subsidize the cost of expensive renewables.

Germany's Great Green Meltdown
Brussels Investigating Berlin's Green Policies

According to a draft letter received by Angela Merkel’s government in Berlin, the EU is finally opening up an investigation into Germany’s green policies to see whether its exemptions to green energy surcharges, extended to Germany’s most energy-intensive companies, are giving the firms an unfair advantage. Germany’s energy policy isn’t just ill-conceived, it might also be illegal.

Germany's Great Green Meltdown
Green Policies "Welfare" for German Farmers

Feed-in tariffs for green energy are making many German farmers rich, though German households and businesses are bearing the cost through higher electricity prices.

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brave new world

We need to carefully think through a lot of our assumptions about gender roles, and build kinds of educational and social systems to help our boys succeed.

Theft in Broad Daylight

This is not your everyday bank failure in Russia.

Asia's Game of Thrones

As he heads to Japan, Duterte is once again denouncing U.S. military involvement in the Pacific. Can Tokyo push back?

The Cracks Start to Widen

Again, the question supporters of the law will have to answer centers on sustainability: is the health system that Obamacare establishes something that can really last?

Crude Economics

That OPEC production cut is going to have to fall on the Saudis’ shoulders—if it’s to happen at all.

Egypt in Turmoil

The West is ignoring an ongoing crisis in Egypt, as painful austerity measures stoke outrage against the Sisi government.

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