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Gender Matters
Gender Matters
School Discipline Hits Boys Hardest

Gender-based educational disparities don’t just flow in one direction.

Gender Matters
Poverty Hits Boys Hardest

Social disadvantage seems to harm boys more than their sisters.

Gender Matters
Men and Women Choose Careers Differently

In choosing careers, women put more weight on security and flexibility, while men put more weight on wages.

Gender Matters
Study: Career Choices Driving Wage Gap

Women who go to medical school are more likely to become primary care doctors than surgeons, and working class women are more likely to work in office administration than in natural resource extraction.

Gender Matters
Working Class Boys Struggling Across the Anglosphere

The popular framing of the relationship between gender and educational advantage in the West is no longer useful or accurate.

Gender Matters
Study Says Fatherlessness Contributes to Higher Ed Gender Gap

A new study says that boys who grow up in homes without fathers face more adverse consequences than their sisters.

Gender Matters
Heretical Thoughts, Courtesy of Time

Could it be that boys are different from girls…and that that’s OK? Christina Hoff Sommers has a good piece in Time about The Mask You Live In, a new documentary arguing that an unhealthy culture of masculinity (“never cry or show your feelings”) is what gives rise to violence, like the school shootings that have been all too common over the past decade. Ever the bĂȘte noire of professional gender equalitarians, Sommers states the obvious: aggression and emotional reserve are biologically natural for men.

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Asia's Game of Thrones

As Duterte continues to slam the U.S. and look to China, Japan is caught in an awkward position.


By snubbing nuclear power, Berlin has consigned itself to decades of coal dependence.

The European Immigration Crisis

There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

Miracles Can Happen

It’s probably not a model for the country (as some analysts would have it), but it shows that compromise is possible when all parties involved are committed to finding a practical solution.

Putin on a show?

Russia’s advantage in Syria is a matter of political will, not technical capability.

Higher Education Watch

Colleges make resident assistants “mandatory reporters” for potential Title IX violations.

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