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Foreign Policy a la Modi
Foreign Policy a la Modi
Modi Will Go To Israel

It’s official: Narendra Modi will be the first Indian PM to visit Jerusalem. This is a critical moment for both Israel and India.

Foreign Policy a la Modi
India’s Big Bump in Defense Spending

More than a few NATO countries could stand to follow his example on defense spending.

Foreign Policy a la Modi
Israel and India Sitting in a Tree…

India has long been mum about its close defense ties with Israel. Now, New Delhi is acknowledging its friend as the two deepen their relationship.

Foreign Policy a la Modi
India “Acts East”

In the lead-up to a visit from Obama, Modi is trumpeting a new diplomatic stance toward China that is in line with U.S. interests.

Foreign Policy a la Modi
A Major Meeting Between Putin and Modi

Modi hosted Putin in India, where the two signed a host of deals on nuclear power, arms, and oil. What does this mean for Modi’s upcoming meeting with Obama?

Foreign Policy a la Modi
India Gets Israeli Missiles, Fires and Forgets U.S. Bid

India’s purchase of an Israeli anti-tank missile system says a lot about the warming relations between the two countries, and it also shows that India is cautious to get too far into bed with the U.S. on defense.

Foreign Policy a la Modi
Indian Warship Takes Trip to Vietnam

India has sent an advanced warship on a “good will mission” to Vietnam, but the operation is probably better described as a subtle warning sign to China.

Foreign Policy a la Modi
India Scuttles WTO Agreement

Modi’s first major act of economic policy is to defend the worst and most damaging set of misguided policies that hinder India’s progress

Foreign Policy a la Modi
India's Oh-So-Delicate Balancing Act on Israel

Just after showing support for Israel in its own Parliament, India has joined a resolution against Israel at the UN. This move will help India appease Muslims at home and Israel critics abroad without damaging its own relationship with the country.

Foreign Policy a la Modi
India Moves to Reassert Itself in Nepal

Narendra Modi’s upcoming visit to Nepal, the first by an Indian Prime Minister in nearly two decades, is an opening act in the new PM’s push to compete with China for influence in its near abroad.

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