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Feeding the Future
Feeding the Future
GM Wheat Promises “Super” Yields

Britain is rolling out a new variety of wheat that could increase crop yields by 40 percent.

Feeding the Future
What Smarter Farming Can Do for African Food Security

Hint: it’s a lot.

Feeding the Future
Malthus Chokes on Bumper Wheat Crop

Global wheat production is on track to break records this year.

Feeding the Future
One Step Closer to GM Food Crops in India

A government panel just approved India’s first genetically modified food crop.

Feeding the Future
How Oil Drilling Can Help Canadian Crops

Alberta has a plan to channel geothermal energy from old oil wells to help grow crops.

Feeding the Future
For India, GMOs Are a Matter of Life and Death

India’s large population is growing, and GMOs are the only way to feed it.

Feeding the Future
We Can Have Our Forests and Eat, Too

By growing more crops on the land we’ve got, we can help stop deforestation.

Feeding the Future
GMOs Can Be Green Champions

Modern agriculture is lowering global biodiversity. GMOs can help fix that.

Feeding the Future
We’re Not Modifying Crop Genes Fast Enough

Temperatures are warming faster than we can develop crops that can thrive in the heat, according to a new study.

Feeding the Future
How GMOs Could Help Biodiversity

GMOs’ higher crop yields can help protect other species’ habitats and boost biodiversity, new research says.

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