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Europe's Putin Problem
Europe's Putin Problem
Soros: Putin Bigger Threat Than ISIS

Putin wants a weak and divided Europe.

Europe's Putin Problem
Ukraine, Russia, and the EU Strike Gas Deal

Putin is hoping the deal will encourage Europe to lift sanctions.

Europe's Putin Problem
Russia Hacks German Parliament

Multimillion dollar breach shows Putin’s cyber tactics at work. The Germans may not be interested in rivalry with Russia, but Russia is interested in rivalry with them.

Europe's Putin Problem
More Airborne Aggression from Russia

Russian jets are conducting provocative missions on both sides of Europe. This does not suggest that Putin is scared of the West’s level of resolve to stop him.

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Nuclear Strategy

A technical fix to America’s aging warheads could raise tensions with Russia by undermining its nuclear deterrent.

K-12 Blues

Teenagers from abroad overwhelmingly think that American schools demand less of them than schools in their home countries.

Crude Economics

Riyadh is effectively ceding market share directly to US frackers.

travails of Trumpcare

The GOP Congressional caucus is in chaos as it tries to ram through Obamacare repeal.

Survey Says

But the dictatorship lives on.

The North American Energy Boom

Existing Albertan oil sands operations are poised for big growth in the coming years.

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