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Education Reform
Education Reform
Who Likes Testing?

A large majority of students, and a narrow majority of parents, do not believe that there is too much testing in K-12 schools.

Education Reform
Stagnation in K-12

America’s K-12 system is not getting any better at giving students basic math and reading skills.

Education Reform
Buried Treasure in K-12

A new study suggests schools are using the wrong set of characteristics to make teacher hiring decisions.

Education Reform
Why Is Productivity Growth Slowing?

A J.P. Morgan study dramatically illustrates the failure of American educational institutions.

Education Reform
Differences in School Spending, but Not Where You’d Think

A blue/red divide? Coast/interior? How about neither: differences in state spending lead to no easy conclusions about how to improve the nation’s schools.

Education Reform
Making Men in Boys Town

A famous juvenile rehabilitation center in Nebraska is sharpening its focus on vocational training. Here’s to hoping mainstream schools follow suit.

Education Reform
Common Core Loses the Common Touch

Common Core is losing public support, according to two recent polls. Americans seem to favor national standards in the abstract, but prefer local control of education in practice.

Education Reform
Charter School Battle Heats Up in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is reviewing the school board’s decision to shut down two high-performing charter schools for low-income students.

Education Reform
Charter Mania Hits Detroit

Detroit’s charter schools have the second-highest market share of any city in America, but the abundance of schools is also creating a somewhat chaotic marketplace as a large number of schools compete for a declining student base. The confusion is hard on students and parents, but it may be necessary to fix one of the worst school systems in the country.

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Trouble in Brussels

After threatening Putin with new sanctions over Syria, European leaders discover they lack the political will to deliver.

The United States is now going to have to figure out how to help Venezuela avoid completely melting down, with the Venezuelan strongman still at the helm.

Fear the Airpocalypse

Companies are defying orders to cut back on air pollution.

Asia's Game of Thrones

Philippine officials sought to clarify Duterte’s comments on separating from the U.S., but the situation is still murky.

Reefer Madness

Is it Gary Johnson’s world? Not necessarily.


Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin thinks Moscow can add 4 million barrels per day in the coming years.

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