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Don't Cry to Me Argentina
Don't Cry to Me Argentina
Kirchner Blames “Shylocks” for Her Troubles

The Argentinian President is back in the news with more conspiracy theories.

Don't Cry to Me Argentina
Argentine Spy Chief Flees Country in Fear of Life

The President tells her people (and the web): “Everything has to do with everything.”

Don't Cry to Me Argentina
Deep in a Hole, Argentina Keeps Digging

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has fired her Central Bank head, Juan Carlos Fabrega, and replaced him with someone even further to the left.

Don't Cry to Me Argentina
WTO Latest to Notice Argentina Won't Live by Its Word

The WTO ruled that Argentina’s import-export laws violate the group’s trade rules. This is just the latest instance of Argentina deliberately flouting its international obligations—to its own detriment as much as anyone else’s.

Don't Cry to Me Argentina
Argentina Defaults—Sort Of

Argentina defaulted after last-minute talks broke down last night, though the market seems poised to give them a second chance. But can Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner take advantage of it?

Don't Cry to Me Argentina
Argentina on the Clock as Debt Deadline Approaches

Argentina has until the end of the month to settle with the victors in its recent Supreme Court case, or else it will default. But so far, it looks like it might not even be negotiating at all.

Don't Cry to Me Argentina
Argentina Turns to Russia and China

China and Russia are making power plays in Latin America, and Argentina’s debt problems may provide an opening.

Don't Cry to Me Argentina
Argentina's Holdout Creditors Aren't All Vulture Funds

Not every creditor in the Argentinian bond cases is a titan of commerce.

Don't Cry to Me Argentina
Argentina: The Check Is in The Mail

Argentina tried to play fast and loose with a Supreme Court ruling this week, but a New York judge smacked it down.

Don't Cry to Me Argentina
Argentina Seeks Home Court Advantage

Argentina is having trouble paying its bondholders back due to two U.S. Supreme Court rulings. Its solution? Let’s just resolve the whole mess under Argentinian law.

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Trying to apply blue model thinking to post-blue problems is foolish.

A New Cud to Chew

Feeding cows seaweed could cut out 99 percent of their methane emissions.

Trouble in Brussels

After threatening Putin with new sanctions over Syria, European leaders discover they lack the political will to deliver.

The United States is now going to have to figure out how to help Venezuela avoid completely melting down, with the Venezuelan strongman still at the helm.

Fear the Airpocalypse

Companies are defying orders to cut back on air pollution.

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