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Cool Green Tech
Cool Green Tech
UK Can Farm Smarter, Greener

Scientists say a simple adjustment could increase UK peatland crop yields while reducing GHG emissions.

Cool Green Tech
A Climate Solution to Get Excited About

Scientists discovered a new way to convert carbon dioxide into usable fuel.

Cool Green Tech
A Bionic Leaf Could Be Our New Biofuel

Scientists have developed a “bionic leaf” that could replace crop-based biofuels.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
Turbine Trouble

Trump thinks wind turbines are ugly. What does this mean for the future of American offshore wind power?

Asia's Game of Thrones

After the Chinese abruptly canceled a trade summit, the Philippine President is now walking back his Foreign Secretary’s harsh criticism of China.

Technology and Africa

A moment of bitter irony in the midst of Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis highlights the promises and limits of technology.

Bromance Interrupted

The love of Putin’s Russia is a precious gift that costs a lot and can be taken away at a moment’s notice—as soon as the beloved doesn’t fit the Kremlin’s selfish interests any longer.

Higher Education Watch

How the government might restrict the flow of subsidies to selective American universities whose priorities aren’t necessarily in line with the public’s.

My Big Fat Greek Bailout

Europeans hoping that the U.S. might lean on the IMF for friendlier Greek bailout terms may be out of luck.

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