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better climate advocacy
better climate advocacy
The Climate Demagoguery of Vox Dot Com

The disappearance of Lake Urmia is about water mismanagement, not climate change.

better climate advocacy
How Greens Fuel Climate Skepticism

The increasingly authoritarian rhetoric of many greens will not do them, or the climate, any good.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff

Tribalism on one side strengthens tribalism on the other.

A Setback?

Austria’s far-right Freedom Party suffered a defeat at the polls on Sunday. But the country’s next parliamentary could come sooner than most expect, offering the populists another chance.

Europe's Mess

A “No” vote many thought would strike a serious blow against the EU may have been more of a stay of execution. But that does not mean any of Europe’s underlying problems have gone away.

Budget Battles

Many of the nation’s top military brass have Putin on their minds when looking at the 2018 defense budget.

democracy and its discontents

The outcome of the election made the public more supportive of America’s idiosyncratic election system overall.


Yet more proof that the only way to assure good treatment for refugees is to do everything to prevent their displacement in the first place.

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