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Bankrupt Healthcare
Bankrupt Healthcare
Obamacare Premiums to Rise 7.5 Percent

Even the generally Obamacare-boosting Vox delivered its readers some bad news about the Affordable Care Act today.

Bankrupt Healthcare
The Most Expensive Free Health Care in the World

New ACA rules will require nonprofit hospitals to offer more discounted care to lower-income Americans. This is marginal cost-shifting in a dysfunctional system.

Bankrupt Healthcare
What “Affordable” Health Care Looks Like

California’s health care budget woes are a warning sign to Americans: Our health care cost problem is getting worse.

Bankrupt Healthcare
Nobody Expects The Eldercare Crisis

Most Americans don’t realize how unprepared they are for end-of-life care. Their misplaced optimism will make the coming eldercare crisis worse.

Bankrupt Healthcare
The Grey Lady Deflates the Medicaid Expansion

As the temporary Medicaid payment increases expire, access to care for many Medicaid patients will become even more restricted.

Bankrupt Healthcare
Single-Payer: Dead In Vermont, Dead Everywhere

Single-payer is dead in Vermont, which means it is, for now, dead nationwide. In that context, health care reform is more important than ever.

Bankrupt Healthcare
The Decline of the Indy Doctor, the Rise of Costs

As newly-minted MDs default to becoming hospital employees, U.S. health care will only get more expensive.

Bankrupt Healthcare
Health Care to Suppress Wages Even More

A new Bank of America survey found that businesses plan to offset increasing health care costs by passing them onto their employees.

Bankrupt Healthcare
The High Costs of Redundant Brand Name Drugs

Expensive brand name drug Lucentis isn’t any more effective than its generic counterpart Avastin, but yet doctors prescribe Lucentis at high rates to the tune of a billion dollars a year.

Bankrupt Healthcare
Health-Policy Deficit Threatens Whole Economy

Despite the ACA, rising premiums and deductible costs are burdening Americans in a way that threatens the whole economy. Solving our health care problems has never been more urgent, but neither party has a great solution.

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