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Africa's Islamist Problem
Africa's Islamist Problem
Terror-Wracked Africa

With Africa now facing some serious economic problems due to the commodity crash, it’s going to be harder for governments to respond to an increased pace of terror attacks.

Africa's Islamist Problem
Mali’s Pro-Govt. Militias Linked to Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda may have entered the ranks of pro-government fighters in Mali. The continuing instability of Mali threatens to encourage further Islamist activity in the region.

Africa's Islamist Problem
Why Nigeria Matters

Nigeria is beset by an Islamist militia with dreams of statehood, while the region due north, the Sahel, is roiled by terrorist activity and weapons trafficking. The U.S. should consider doing what it can to support this valuable ally.

Africa's Islamist Problem
Massive Terrorist Attack Rocks Nigerian Capital

A brazen morning bombing of a bus station on the outskirts of Abuja marks the largest terrorist attack ever this close to Nigeria’s capital. Though no group has yet claimed responsibility, the Islamist group Boko Haram is the likely culprit.

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff
The Inauguration

As Donald Trump takes the oath, an essay on the historical forces that have shaped this moment by Walter Russell Mead.


Clearly a lot of frustration for the outgoing American President has been stored up in the Russian psyche.

the roots of populism

If the term “intellectual” only encompasses thinkers on the Left, then it is only natural that right-wing populists would turn it into a slur.

Rebuilding America

Paul Ryan will target $40 in private investment for every $1 his caucus approves in infrastructure spending.

Violence in Myanmar

Many of Myanmar’s long-suffering Rohingyas are now turning to internationally funded Islamist insurgents to resist the government.

The Shale Rebound

Texas’s Permian Basin has been called “the crown jewel of the world’s oil and gas industry.”

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