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Mark Nugent
Glenn Beck's Rally about Nothing

From the reaction to Glenn Beck’s rally last weekend at the Lincoln Memorial, you’d think the right-wing hordes had marched into Washington to personally storm the White House. But as is usually the case, the truth is much more boring. Billed as the “Restoring Honor Rally,” the primary themes of the speeches were patriotism and […]

You Want a Statin with That?

A study by a group led by one Dr. Darrell Francis of Britain’s National Heart and Lung Institute recently made headlines with its recommendation that fast-food joints hand out cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins to any patron who wants them, free of charge. Popping a statin with one’s Whopper and shake, the study’s authors claim, […]

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Walter Russell Mead & Staff

America’s peculiar system for choosing presidents may help avoid post-election chaos.

Third Debate Recap

Trump shortchanges his supposed signature issue to defend man-crush on Putin.

Frozen Ukraine

The latest round of peace talks only mask Europe’s lack of leverage and commitment in Ukraine.

Asia's Game of Thrones

The Philippine president has now definitively cast his lot with China. How will elites in Manila react?

Follow the Money

Why hasn’t the increase in K-12 investment translated into better student outcomes?

Crude Economics

US oil companies are in much better shape than the cartel seems to think.

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