Russia and the West
War Games Meet Mind Games
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  • Nevis07

    “The drills may also be meant to intimidate NATO-curious countries like Sweden and Finland who have lately toyed with the idea of joining the alliance.”

    Amazing how the SJW mindset has infected our everyday speak. That’s not a criticism of the author, just pointing out how much progressivism has modified even the way we talk…

  • Andrew Allison

    The response to the idiotic EU-Ukraine Association Agreement should have convinced everybody that Moscow will aggressively fight any NATO-backed attempt to encroach further into its “near abroad.” Unlike Ukraine, the Baltics do not represent an attempt to encroach. The exercise should be construed as a warning as to the vulnerability of the Baltics should the West attempt to do so, Finland being the obvious candidate..

  • Angel Martin

    “Russia will surely show off impressive new capabilities during the Zapad drills, it will surely employ provocative military plans designed to scare its neighbors, and it will continue to pose a long-term security challenge to Europe. But it won’t launch a massive new military campaign with NATO watching closely from the wings.”

    I read stuff like this and recall that every military disaster in history starts with overconfidence.

    NATO is a paper tiger and everyone knows it. USA forces in the Baltics are a token only.

    If Russia were to invade the Baltics, it would take many months to assemble an army (which would be almost entirely USA) to drive them out.

    I don’t think political support for such a war is sustainable. Imagine drafting Millennial snowflakes for trench warfare in the Baltics.

    If NATO was serious, it would have a larger force in the Baltics than the USA+SKorea forces in SKorea

    Russia has a more significant military than NKorea – and in my judgement is more likely to invade.

    • rheddles

      Why would Russia invade the Baltics? To reclaim areas that are ethnically Russian like Crimea and eastern Ukraine? Perhaps, but Putin is doing a good job of watching the EU disintegrate. It would make more sense to continue to woo the Germans to draw them out of Nato. Instead, invading the Baltics would get a real war with the US that Russia can ill afford. If Baraq Hussein were still running the US that might be a chance worth taking. With the current madman…

  • Eurydice

    I don’t understand this piece. Where is the “unusually frenzied and anxious speculation”? The author links to an article from February, twice to an article from July

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