Pressuring Pyongyang
Trump Threatens the Big Banks in China
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  • Unelected Leader

    Trumps comment about the watered down sanctions just passed not being enough is at least some light down yonder in the tunnel. He does understand. But will he do more? I don’t know. I’m starting to really wonder precisely because he does understand what the options are.

    Nine times in the last 11 years the UN has imposed sanctions that aren’t fully enforced by china and or Russia. Never have those sanctions included unplugging major Chinese banks via section 301 of the patriot act. The Chicoms always say the same lie. They always say “oh we won’t accept any new accounts from North Korea.” As if there is just booming business and as if they wouldn’t take North Korean minerals or money. Total farce. They would take it, and they do.

    • KremlinKryptonite

      Just think about the implication as written in the article, implied in your comment, and written elsewhere – that the mega rich, job outsourcing “business interests” are trying to put their personal fortunes ahead of national security. Not many nations and peoples tolerate that dynamic, but sadly America is one of those few. Corporate capture is a real thing. Truly sad stuff.

      • Unelected Leader

        Yep that’s the jist of it. Some guy who makes 10K per day, 30K per day, 50k per day (some do) and have 15 houses all over the world and can afford three underground bunkers just in case want US national security to be sold off for their greed. It’s not like they are competing in China. They have to handover IP and/or sign up with a Chinese “partner” just to have any real market share there. And now they’ve had their way with them and stolen enough IP they are pushing Apple and Microsoft out as much as possible anyway. YT, FB, Twitter, and thousands of other sites have been banned for years…..despite Zuck tryin’ to suck you know what to get in. No wonder he wants to be president. He’d sell the US off as quickly as it takes him to sign his name just to get FB into China.

      • Angel Martin

        “Not many nations and peoples tolerate that dynamic, but sadly America is one of those few. ”

        Unfortunately, I would say it is the rule, rather than the exception. In other countries, the corporate elite who enrich themselves at the expense of the country have Obama/Trudeau/May/Macron/Merkel… to front for them.

        Trump is the exception.

        • SeaAyeA

          They advance their own national interest and even personal interest at the expense of the US. No one else to blame but Americans either. Trump just rejected a Chicom buyout of a major chip maker. Hello? Dur dur dur. Shouldn’t have even been a question. Now, Obama and W and Clinton all rejected things like it eventually too. The fact that there’s even a conversation about it is the red flag. So, they can’t buy a chip maker, but dum dum America lets them buy massive stakes in US agriculture. Try doing that in China lol.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Economic war with China is not much more feasible than re-opening hot war with North Korea. If that wasn’t the case, these problems would have been solved several presidents ago.

  • Many college students these days are chanting, “Boycott, Divest and Sanction Israel”. Maybe they should try calling for boycotts of China or at least North Korea instead.

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