The Burgeoning Burgos
Mexico’s Most Promising Shale Region Is Open for Business
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  • Isaiah6020

    This is truly awesome news. Healthy and prosperous Mexico is a tremendous strategic asset to the United States. I like to vacation in Mexico and always hoped that they would get their sh!t together, because there’s potential there.

  • CaliforniaStark

    Hope it is understood that it will take only one adverse election to end private investment in oil/natural gas in Mexico. There still is widespread political opposition to allowing private development of Mexico’s oil and natural gas.

    As pointed out in a Wikipedia article: “On March 18, 1938 President Cárdenas embarked on the expropriation of all oil resources and facilities by the state, nationalizing the U.S. and Anglo-Dutch (Mexican Eagle Petroleum Company) operating companies. Two hours before informing his cabinet of his decision, he made the announcement on the radio to the rest of the country.”

    This year, Mexicans once again celebrated Oil Expropriation Day: “Anniversary of the Oil Expropriation in Mexico Date in the current year: March 18, 2017. Anniversary of the Oil Expropriation in MexicoThe Mexicans annually celebrate Anniversary of the Oil Expropriation on March 18. This holiday celebrates the oil expropriation by President Lázaro Cárdenas in 1938. Until 1938 oil was drilled in Mexico by foreign companies. But the oil fields started to decline after 1923, and much of the U.S. investments went to Venezuela. President Lázaro Cárdenas had to take serious efforts to raise economy of Mexico. One of the major steps was oil expropriation. All Mexico petroleum reserves were nationalized and the equipment of foreign oil companies in Mexico was expropriated.”

    And then there are the drug cartels, gangsters and corrupt government officials in Mexico who are eager to share in any profits made from private oil drilling; not to mentioned the present poor relations between the U.S. and Mexico. The article may believe that: “(f)or drillers north of the border, this should be seen as an opportunity, and thanks to Mexico’s reforms, it’s one they’re finally able to pursue.” All I see are red flags.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Never going to happen. Monopolies aren’t now, and never will be, competitive.

  • Gold Eagle

    My sister-in-law, the Queen of Green, just posted on her Facebook page that Hurricane Harvey is sent to punish Texas for its fracking. So, Mexicans: take this as a warning, OK?

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