Under Pressure
Trump Denies Aid to Egypt
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  • Suzy Dixon

    Seems like everybody and their dog has been doing business with Pyongyang. And of course they have. Even the US does business with China, it’s chief enabler. All this talk about sanctions while pumping nearly $1 billion per day into China. Something is very much amiss here. Now, are supposedly well-educated American politicians and strategists truly just stupid, or is it all really just Kabuki theater and fake? I really can’t tell. I suppose it doesn’t matter because the effect is the same

    • Dale Fayda

      “Now, are supposedly well-educated American politicians and strategists truly just stupid, or is it all really just Kabuki theater and fake? ”

      A little from column A and a little from column B.

  • Isaiah6020

    Obviously you can’t expect someone like Sisi to give up a valuable relationship. What are we offering him back?

    • D4x

      Keeley’s post is very insightful, yet, he did not connect the final dot. Sen. McCain has been the big barrier to restoring US military aid to Egypt, as well as a big thorn on everything from DoD nomination confirmations to Afghanistan strategy to votes on domestic legislation.

      If “Egypt is the “hub” of Pyongyang’s Middle Eastern arms trade”, al-Sisi got the message just as Kushner was sure to get the headlines, bonus points for appeasing McCain. The timing also ties in with Sec Mattis 5-day ME trip, publication of satellite images of Iran’s missile factories in Syria & Lebanon, Egypt’s rapprochement with Syria, Egypt working with Russia on Eastern Libya.

      North Korea is known to be working with Iran on missiles, and for trying to supply missiles to Gaza.
      So many dots past ten days, bullseye always on NorK and Iran.

      Good work, Sean Keeley!

      • D4x

        ADDING 08 25 2017:
        “Opportunity for Cooperation Between Israel and Arabs Has Never Been Greater” By David Ignatius August 25, 2017

        [I don’t know what is more interesting:] ”
        Prince Khaled bin Salman, the Saudi ambassador to Washington,…, said this week’s visit “cemented Saudi and other Arab officials’ respect” for Kushner and his team, who organized Trump’s visit to the kingdom in May. …

        We both realized it’s time to find a way out” in Gaza, Dahlan told The Associated Press last month after meeting with [Yahya al-Sinwar, the head of Hamas inside Gaza] Sinwar, who was a childhood friend. …

        Jordan’s King Abdullah and Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi already have extensive, friendly relations with Israel.

        When it comes to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, 50 years of peacemaking history sadly warns us that a new initiative probably won’t work. And Trump’s domestic problems weaken his ability to deliver on Kushner’s advance work. But it must be said: The opportunities for trade, investment and security cooperation between Israel and the Arabs have never been greater.”
        (c) 2017, Washington Post Writers Group

        [or, that Ignatius’ Realism reports on President Trump’s foreign policy are posted outside the WaPo website. Guess we have to wait for Ignatius to use the missing “President” Trump. Still, better that the “Two-State Solution” is also MIA.]

  • Fat_Man

    “Cairo is reportedly on the cusp of negotiating a deal that would reopen the border with Gaza, allow much-needed humanitarian aid to pass through”

    Hamas is totally uninterested in humanitarian aid, they have and will continue to use everything they can lay their hands on for military purposes.

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