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Crude Economics
Petrostates Seek a Goldilocks Oil Price
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  • ——————————

    The Musloids have sucked enough from this country with their $100 oil….and I will never forget ’73.

    I wish we could ramp up enough production to permanently destroy their economies….

    • f1b0nacc1

      I believe that they are going to do that to themselves without our having to do so…

    • Jeff77450

      Speaking as a native-Texan who is indirectly impacted (adversely) by low oil prices I get what you’re saying. But I suspect that the destruction of the economies of the petro-states would inflame Islamic extremism to record levels of scale, intensity and barbarism. “Be careful what you wish for—because you just might get it.”

      • ——————————

        I have been a Texan since 2012, so I too am also impacted…luckily the BBL price didn’t stay in the 30’s.

        Many of the Musloid countries have no oil, so I imagine the oil-rich ones would simply revert to those lifestyles, so no problem. It is our involvement in their countries because of oil that has inflamed them the most. Also, most/much of the global terrorism is supported by Petrol state wealth.

        As far as going up against Musloids in a large conflict…no problem….

      • Jacksonian_Libertarian

        Captains should study Tactics, but Generals Must study Logistics.

        It’s foolish to think the loss of Billions in funding, will make Islamic Terrorism more dangerous. It’s more likely to have them fighting over their share of the shrinking pie. The Islamic Culture is incapable of creating or maintaining Modern Civilization, and survives as parasites on it, by selling Oil that was found, and developed by Western Culture, and stolen (nationalized) by their Authoritarian Leaders. Muslim dominated countries are all Hellholes, and even some that were hopeful, like Turkey or Indonesia, are in a steep descent.

        • Jeff77450

          Valid points. I served in four Islamic Hell-holes and I heartily agree.

        • ——————————

          Yeah, it’s hard to get anything accomplished civilization-wise when your on your knees 5 times a day praying for forgiveness….

    • Fat_Man

      The interesting question is why the Democrats have fought so hard to stop Domestic oil production. Is it their love of “nature” or is somebody buying their services.

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