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Trading Blame
Pence Presses Asian Allies on Trade
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  • Unelected Leader

    Pressing Germany and China on trade is more important atm than ROK or JP. Although, attempting to correct unfair practices and addressing massively lopsided “trade” across all accounts will factor into Trumps reelection or defeat in four years no doubt. It’s his choice to try. We will see.

  • RedWell

    I suspect the Trump administration’s focus on bilateral negotiation and arrangements will simply land us back in the ballpark of agreements like the TPP or TTIP. There are only so many marginal gains liberals and conservatives can wring out of this issue. The deeper problem is economic growth and inequality.

    Conservatives should be investing heavily in innovation, both domestic and transnational with trusted partners. Or, they should at least be facilitating the likes of Musk and Bezos to develop new industries and economic spaces.

  • Pete

    “The question is how our Asian allies end up reacting. On the one hand, it’s impossible not to take the needling seriously, given the economic clout the United States possesses.”

    The fact is the U.S. holds nearly all the trump cards when it comes to trade.

  • Pait

    Big priority! He even had an aircraft carrier go to Korea… oh wait…..

  • FriendlyGoat

    When someone talks about the “playing field” twice in two paragraphs, you know you’re hearing from a nut. The only thing that is going to happen with the death of TTP is that workers’ concerns in all countries and environmental concerns are going to be thrown out the window from a moving vehicle otherwise going eighty miles per hour.

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