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Islamism in Indonesia
Islamists Score a Victory in Jakarta
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  • Observe&Report
    • f1b0nacc1

      You may be right, but the author of the article you cite is a long time SJW activist, and I take pretty much everything that comes out of that sort with a BIG grain of salt.

      • Observe&Report

        Fair enough. It’s also worth noting that the author once survived a massacre committed by the Indonesian Army, so he’s not exactly going to be singing their praises.

        • f1b0nacc1

          Agreed. I don’t dispute much of what he discusses in the article (and thank you for sharing it, by the way), but given his background I am skeptical. If nothing else, I wonder what he left out…

  • Unelected Leader

    What happened, lefties/commies who may be reading? Your likes have been telling me for years that Turkey and Indonesia are Muslim countries that are basically secular and nothing like Iran or Saudi. Hmm.

    • RedWell

      Yes, these movements are definitely about Islam and not about something like the cultural and economic dislocation globalization. Or maybe local conditions, as Observe&Report notes. They must be about religion and not nationalism.

      Otherwise, there would be nothing separating the nationalist turn in the West from this more blunt version in the Muslim world.

      • Unelected Leader

        Yep. Nationalism and theism are certainly two different things unless, that is, one is trying to build some theocracy. Yikes.

    • FriendlyGoat

      Indonesia and Turkey have slight majorities of religious nuts. So does the USA at this time. Different religions and different kinds of nuts, but all of them are making bad modern political decisions.

      • Unelected Leader

        Huh? Like what? Where are the hard-core Christian theocrats making inroads towards theocracy? What are they doing? Where’s the erdogan of America and the millions voting to give him some kind of Hitler style “enabling act”? The US is more secular today than perhaps it’s ever been, there is certainly nothing comparable to Turkey or Indonesia going on.

        • ——————————

          It is not “perhaps”, it is the most secular it has ever been….

        • FriendlyGoat

          Yeah, sure. The Erdogan of America is the Trump of America who has promised churches he will fix it so they can be political clubs with a tax exemption. The US was secular in the past, not the foreseeable future. This is a fast-turning trend now upending the separation of church of state. Today the Supreme Court is setting up to let churches tap the public treasury. Later this year, Trump will be pushing legislation to make them into his PERSONAL campaign arm. Stay tuned. You won’t recognize “secular USA” soon.

          • Unelected Leader

            Religious institutions are tax exempt lol. Maybe they shouldn’t be, but that’s not new. You’re not pointing to anything similar because it’s simply not happening in the US. Been moving in the opposite direction for decades.

          • FriendlyGoat

            What’s NEW is turning them into overt political clubs always leaning to the Chamber of Commerce Gang because they are so easily manipulated with abortion, race, guns and LGBT.

          • Unelected Leader

            Right…and that’s why abortion, gay marriage, gun ownership, and being gay are all already legal. LOL. Just give it up. By the way, not everyone opposed to abortions (or at least late term ones) is religious. I’m not religious, yet I’m pro gay marriage, pro gun, pro pot legalization, and anti late term abortion – strongly.

  • Isaiah601

    Well yeah, Islam is a like virus. Eventually it stops being latent and instead becomes lethal.

    • Even many in the West have converted to the religion, especially many young white women in recent years for some reason…if it is an epidemic, it is certainly a subtly virulent one.

  • rpabate

    Willis Eschenbach, who some may know from his contributions to Anthony Watts’s blog WUWT, makes the case quite nicely that Islam is more than a religion, it is also a terrorist ideology. It is a view I came to years ago after reading Karen Armstrong’s “Islam”. His case against Islam can be found with this link:

  • Islamist radicalism is not confined to the Arab world or the Middle East, so it seems…militant and political Islam are also rampant forces in other parts of the Muslim world as well.

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