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Campus Activists Are Playing with Fire
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  • jeburke

    I’m through with blaming these “students.” It’s never more than a few hundred hard-core leftists on campuses with thousands, even tens of thousands of students, but they know well how to manipulate both the media and soft-headed faculty and administrators with blather about “people of color,” “microaggressions,” and “systematic racism.” We all know this is preposterous nonsense, but the fascistic radicals are egged on by faculty clustered in various “studies” programs and centers, and administrators are cowardly. State governments and college trustees need to step up, fire supine administrators and appoint some who will expel disruptive students. No one has a “right” to attend Amherst or Yale.

    • Dain Fitzgerald

      You see the part about the Choral Society, the Equestrian Club et al.? This is bad news, and it’s about more than a few zealous students.

    • JR

      The part I find hilarious is the one that comes after demands for canceling free speech. What do these people want? They want another building where another bunch of useless bureaucrats will tell them they are failing calculus because of systemic white privilege. This is another OWS, except this time funded by taxpayers. It is simply time to reming that whoever has the gold makes the rules. And can expel you.

  • Andrew Allison

    Nothing succeeds like excess, er success. Expect copycat “student actions” until administrators have the guts to treat these idiots with the contempt they deserve. And yes, denouncing free speech on campus is, or at least should be, a firing offence.

  • Pete

    It is time the little snots got a good spanking, don’t you think?

  • amoose1959

    Interpretation of author – the real problem if this “activism” keeps up we as faculty of higher education may get our fat salaries cut and our pensions cut back. It’s all about the money even with these present day gutless professors.
    A disgrace.

  • Jim__L

    Withdraw all State and Federal funding from universities who do not institute a program to reward all the microcourageous microheroes who stand up against microaggression the micromedal for microvalor!

  • JR

    I think these campus leftists are so used to getting their way, they are going to seriously overreach and face a big backlash.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Whatever the football teams support is what the universities will do.

  • Blackbeard

    There is no area of American society more completely dominated by the left than academia and see what they have wrought? This is the future they would have for all of us if we let them.

  • J K Brown

    This is what you get when you have the rigor and content of the modern university’s liberal arts instruction.

    The passionate endeavors to eliminate the classical studies from the curriculum of the liberal education and thus virtually to destroy its very character were one of the major manifestations of the revival of the servile ideology.
    –Mises, Ludwig von, The Anti-Capitalistic Mentality, 1956

    Revive the servile ideology and you end up with a lot of cattle wandering around the campuses.

    • Jim__L

      The character of Western Civilization, and liberty itself, depends on our education being founded on the tales of the Greek city-states standing up to the Person totalitarians and defeating them, affirming the value of the individual.

      It’s also interesting to note how this matches up with the story of Christ’s ending man’s slavery to sin and affirming the value of each individual before God.

      • solstice

        You’re wrong. Barney the dinosaur saves man from his sins because that’s what another book someone wrote says.

    • PennsylvaniaPry

      I’ve read elsewhere, in Murray I think, that only about 20% of the population can handle true college-level work. It had been the case in Britain that you could not enter university without having learned Latin. By the time I entered college, such requirements were long gone, although language requirements and the like remained for various graduate programs. In any case, I doubt very much that any of the protesters could make their way through a Latin sentence or describe a situation in which a second derivative might be used in mathematics.

  • johngbarker

    Sounds like the motto of higher education is- the customer is always right.

  • Beauceron

    They aren’t playing with fire. Americans like to pretend we support the Bill of Rights. But really, what we want is peace and quiet, a safe life and comforts, reality television and Facebook.

    And please don’t riot and beat us all up.

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