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Terrorist Attack Underway in Paris

French media and the BBC are reporting a string of rifle attacks at restaurants and a bombing near the stadium in Paris. Several fatalities have already been reported. For updates, follow TAI contributor Benjamin Haddad on Twitter.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the tragedy. If you speak French, you can also follow Le Monde’s liveblog here.

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  • jeburke

    Meanwhile, EU whackos continue to fret that not enough “migrants” will be welcomed in Europe.

    • Jim__L

      I am extremely curious to see how this affects the immigration debates.

  • TheLincolnian

    France24 has an English-language live feed:

  • rheddles

    Charles Martel to the white courtesy telephone.

  • WigWag

    I wonder if all the French bureaucrats working to unravel the facts around the attack will still have time to slap labels on boxes of a Israeli strawberries to document that they were grown in Judea and Samaria. France does have its priorities you know.

    It’s particularly interesting to note how differently Obama and Kerry respond to the terrorism in France versus Palestinian terrorism. In the case of France the criticism is unambiguous; when it comes to Palestinian terrorism, the best the Obama team can do is equivocate.

    If a terrorist shoots up a French concert hall, Obama, Kerry and the rest of the keystone cops are justifiably horrified. If scores of terrorists stab elderly Israeli Jews, the Obama team calls for a different approach; they call for restraint, they apportion the blame equally and they urge the Israelis to implement “confidence-building” measures.

    Let’s be honest; to Obama and Kerry, murdered French citizens represent an abomination. As for murdered Israelis, Obama and Kerry think they had it coming.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg folks. If hundreds of terrorists (or maybe more) didn’t sneak into Europe with all the refugees, it won’t be long before the children and grandchildren of the refugees, unable to assimilate into European society, become enraged and alienated.

    When that happens expect the horrible situation in France to be recapitulated all over Europe.

    The United States needs new allies.

    Europe is toast.

    • AaronL

      Agree with you 100%.

  • gabrielsyme

    This is what comes of attempting multiculturalism with a religious group that hates you and everything you stand for.

  • CaliforniaStark

    This is unacceptable, and is the result of permissive politicians who ignored the terrorist threat. The fool Hollande; the fool Merkel; and the fool Obama should resign. There is no excuse for the lackadaisical attitude they have had towards what should have been an obvious terrorist threat. Enough is enough.

    • CaliforniaStark

      I will add a quote: “If history has taught us one thing, ignore those
      who want to kill you at your peril. Either stop them at their place, or they
      come to yours.”

  • jeburke

    Not surprisingly, the Greek government reports that the Syrian passport found on one of the attackers was registered to a “refugee” who entered Europe via Greece in October. That didn’t take long.

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