Downfall of the Caliphate
The Race for the Euphrates
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  • D4x

    A map without labels, or a legend, or the Euphrates River, is bad abstract art. The bigger map, created by someone in Germany, at is not much better (Libanon is labeled, as are some cities and towns), which could mean the Syrian Civil War is a bad artist’s dream.

    • Andrew Allison
      • D4x

        TY, saw it. Also, the bigger Water War.:

        If there had been a decent map posted here, we would know the Euphrates River starts in Turkey, flows through central? Syria, and flows through Iraq….the fight for Deir-es-Zour is not just about Syrian oil, it is about another Water War – why there is no Kurdistan, and the dots on Kurdistan go back to Woodrow Wilson.

        So much real news. Russia Today has so much new propaganda:

        Here’s something new in news: Paris Match is covering our
        First Family better than the NYT!
        The photos showing them leaving for Camp David on Friday,
        are all by Yuri Grevas, for Reuters in a lovely slide show format;
        eight more photos than we have seen in the USA:

        La Famille Trump!

        Published on Saturday, Aug 26,

        FL Melania was wearing J. Crew and hot pink flats on the return from Camp David to the WH.

        So many dots…see you later 🙂

        • M Snow

          Another link to great pictures. Thanks again.

          • D4x

            Perhaps Paris Match could launch an American edition.

            “Ivanka Trump, the inevitable right arm”

            Paris Match Published on 26/08/2017 at 04h00

            “Find our summer series dedicated to the daughters of American presidents.

            Here is the portrait of Ivanka Trump, daughter and assistant of Donald Trump, the 45th “POTUS”.

            The attacks on Ivanka this week in American media are 100% horrible. My antidote last night was seeing what else we have been missing:
            287 news reports on “Trump”, with slide shows of photos we do not see in America because of our deplorable biased media:


            At the top of the list was that portrait of Ivanka.

            Better use of time than seeking Euphrates without a map 🙂

            Seriously? America needs to see our First Family. This part of the obstructive Resistance is worse than the Monument War. It’s just like palestinian maps without Israel.

          • M Snow

            I doubt that the so-called Resistance would be swayed by photos of the First Family. Their hatred has passed any rational level.

          • D4x

            It is the other 75% of America who should be seeing our First Family. The ‘resistance’ from the cultureMedia at Conde Nast has infected Hearst magazines. Harper’s Bazaar is all gaga over the British Royal Family. Not one magazine cover at the supermarket check-out with FLOTUS since the election – “People” keeps recycling the Kennedys. When the women’s magazines do cover Melania online, it is always in comparison to Michelle, or Hillary, or Chelsea.

            The current assault by Vanity Fair on Ivanka, and Jared, is so biased, 08 30 2017:

            “On Wednesday morning, it was magazine coverage that annoyed President Trump.

            ‘After reading the false reporting and even ferocious anger in some dying magazines it makes me wonder, WHY?’ he tweeted. ‘All I want to do is #MAGA!’

            The president didn’t indicate if there was a particular periodical that riled him up, though some online speculated that he’d gotten his hands on the Vanity Fair …”

            It really is like palestinian maps; Orwellian Newspeak Unpersons: deliberate propaganda to delegitimize the entire First Family, to NeverNormalizeTrumps, and, because of the Senate obstruction of ambassadorial confirmations, POTUS, Melania, Ivanka, and Jared are a core part of his team, for conducting foreign relations, as Head of State.

            It is not just the stilettos. When I look at the photos of Melania and all the other First Ladies, I see her genuine ability to connect, even with Emine Erdogan on May 25, at the NATO meet in Brussels. She came with a political fashion challenge, yet disarmed enough for a pleasant ceasefire. Will that matter with increasingly tense USA-Turkey-NATO-Syrian Kurds relations? It certainly can not hurt.


            That was Melania’s first meeting with FL of France, Brigitte Macron, and Queen Mathilde of Belgium, and they certainly bonded.

          • M Snow

            Don’t hold your breath waiting for the so-called women’s magazines here ever giving fair coverage to Melania or any other Republican spouse. Those magazines have been cesspools of virulent pro-abortion (not mere pro-choice) feminism for decades now. I’m glad you are enjoying nice photos of First Ladies in foreign publications because you will never see them here. And thanks again for sharing the links.

          • D4x

            Never been interested in ‘fashion’ except as art, cultural iconography, history, and, as a business, especially after I did some economic history research on cotton, in 2004.

            The ‘resistance’ became so ugly, an unprecedented threat. The Obstruction in Senate confirmations, especially Ambassadors, jeopardizes the President’s effectiveness in the conduct of foreign relations, as Head of State. I decided it was more visually pleasant to follow cultureMedia on FL Melania, who I saw as being able to restore appropriate dignity to the ‘conduct of foreign relations’, especially State Dinners. Have to go back to Bush41 for well done!State Dinners.

            Vanity Fair had been seriously covering Trump Tower in January. It was their spotting of Queen Rania of Jordan on Jan. 6 that got my attention, on fashion icon FLs, and stilettos.

            My takeaway, at the time, was that Rania was getting the message to Trump to not be too hasty about moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. When King Abdullah II was in DC for a raft of meetings Jan. 23 -27 following the Inauguration, I thought that Jan. 6 visit to TT was also about meeting Melania, to set up the official WH visit – which did happen April 5.

            It was April 27, official visit by Argentina’s Pres Macri and FL Awada, that I developed my FL Stiletto Club back channel theory. Melania did not wear Argentina’s flag color, and I had no idea who designer Altazurra was. He is a favorite of Queen Rania. I also had never heard of Macri or Awada, but the Oval Office was overflowing with photographers, focused on Awada.

            She is of Lebanese-Syrian descent. That is when I knew they would be discussing Hezbollah in Latin America, not just lemon exports.

            Just wanted to clarify I am not pining for nice photos. Photographs are more powerful ways to tell a story than words. Paris Match has a terrific photo editor – their photos of the Trumps include some that could be iconic.

            Hearst magazines were covering Melania normal enough. They succumbed to the boycott, maybe June. I was only checking T&C, and Harper’s Bazaar online until HB decided to focus on the UK Royal family.

            I used to enjoy reading Vanity Fair, used to look forward to The New Yorker, going to a visually interesting narrative film. This politicization of everything means I no longer have any print magazines to enjoy, or movies. Too much time to think about stilettos.

          • M Snow

            Agree about too much time thinking about stilettos. Not sure about the value of photos as sometimes I think people read more into them than is actually there. On the other hand, our current obsession about “dog whistles” suggests that some do the same with words. I will continue to muddle through trying to understand both I guess.

          • D4x

            Cracked the Stiletto Symbolism Code yesterday, posted at


          • D4x

            Bernard’s link to the August 24 AP report is more interesting, because it gets into the ‘no regime change for Syria’ theme, yet only cites the U.N. peace talks, without mentioning the Astana Process, which is Russia-Iran-Turkey-maybe USA:
            “Syria opposition told to come to terms with Assad’s survival”
            By PHILIP ISSA Aug. 24, 2017
            “…The shifts reflect the changing priorities of the opposition’s chief backers — the United States, Europe, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia — which are now more concerned with preserving their own, narrowly
            conceived strategic interests, than they are with unseating Assad.

            For the U.S., that means focusing on fighting the Islamic State group and containing Iran’s influence in Syria, to protect its ally Israel. …”

            This makes Bernard’s focus on the potential for military clash at the Euphrates, and Deir-ez-Zour, a cautionary warning, but still only one aspect of what is a multi-dimensional war, with several subsidiary wars on the battlefield of the Syrian Civil War.

            I guess Syria’s First Lady Asma al-Assad is looking forward to the end of ISIS, and a permanent ceasefire.
            She is Sunni, but hard to know if the fashionable Asma will be able to help heal the wounds with the opposition. Mostly, I guess she wants to re-join the First Lady’s Stiletto Club.

            Yeah, today was another battle in our FLOTUS Stiletto War, because she was wearing Blahnik’s this morning, but emerged from AirForceOne in Corpus Christie, TX, wearing Adida’s and a new FLOTUS cap.

            I still believe stilettos are important as diplomatic tools. One photo at Paris Match that I had not seen before was from July 7, 2017, featuring Loubouton’s. No wonder Putin was so entranced by Melania at that G-20 dinner: .

            As for the massive criticism of FL Melania wearing Blahnik’s this morning? Countdown until someone points out that the regular wearing of stilettos, like ballet dancers and gymnasts, requires disciplined stretching at the same time, 5-6 days, every week.

            USA Today posted a balanced report, a welcome relief in our own Civil War,and chose to include a 75-photo slide show, captions are by the photographers who are in the FLOTUS press pool, which is interesting – as if they finally wanted their work to be noticed in the USA:

            Probably from March 2011, from the Vogue feature that was disappeared online after the Syrian Civil War started, although takes credit:
            “Asma al-Assad, Louboutin-loving… London-raised Asma al-Assad, pictured with husband and Syrian leader Bashar, has been called ‘the eastern Diana’.”

            My bet is Asma has a full-length Russian sable coat in her future, but might not get back into the FL Stilettos Club with her former friends, Queen Rania of Jordan & Queen Letizia of Spain. FL Juliana Awada of Argentina, is of Lebanese-Syrian Sunni descent, and might hold the veto. Could be some leverage against Hezbollah.

            Feb. 22, 2017: Spain Gala Dinner at Zarzuela Palace, Madrid, for Argentina:
            March 28, 2017: Queen Maxima of the Netherlands with FL Awada, on the day after the State banquet at the Royal Palace in Amsterdam:

            April 27, 2017: POTUS & FL Trump host President Macri & FL Juliana Awada:
            Melania wore Blahniks, Awada wore Aquazurra stilettos, and the media crowded the Oval Office, because of Awada. Awada was seated next to Trump at the G-20 dinner on July 7, 2017.
            Hezbollah in Latin America WAS on the agenda on April 27, possibly at dinner on July 7.

            Yes, POTUS is our Head of State, and so is FLOTUS. Too bad she had to wear a FLOTUS cap to remind the media today.

            Trying to stay on-topic.

          • M Snow

            You certainly know more about First Ladies and shoes than most of us do. Not sure I share your belief in the importance of stilettos to diplomacy, but Melania seems to be a very nice woman and the folks critsicizing her shoes remind me of my new favorite meme. “If Donald Trump came out in favor of oxygen, liberals would stop breathing.”

      • M Snow

        Interesting. Thanks for the link.

  • Che Guevara

    How many Americans can find the Euphrates river on the map? Why should they care then?

  • Attila_the_hun

    “The Syrian Civil War is in many ways winding down”
    WOW !!!!
    This is how much the soo called western wizards know or understand the ME. The Syrian civil war is far from over. I would say it just started to spread into neighboring countries. The question one should ask What Turkey or Iran would do when Syrian Kurds secure an autonomous territory? ISIS is a minor problem of The ME. Post ISIS ME will be more explosive than ever before.

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